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    Creating an Online Form for an Existing PDF

  • Custom Domain

    With Builder you can build three types of forms: online web forms, online PDF forms, and master forms.

  • Master Form Builder

    you will arrive at the Form Builder. On the form Builder, there are three main sections:

Create a PDF form

If you want full control over your form’s design and structure, creating a PDF form from scratch in PlatoForms and converting it into an interactive online form is the perfect solution. Customize forms to match your unique needs.

Before you begin

Before you begin editing your PDF form, it is necessary to create one. For detailed instructions, refer to the guide Create your online form.

Learn about the editor page

Once you have successfully created your PDF form, you will be directed to the editor page specifically designed for that form.

PDF form editor page

  • In the left panel: You can see a preview of all PDF pages. You can also click + New Page to add a new PDF page. Click on a different Page, the right panel will switch to the corresponding PDF page.
  • In the right panel: You can modify your PDF forms by adding or deleting fields and making changes to existing ones.
  • The top Toolbar: You can choose from a wide range of fillable fields, such as Dropdown and Signature.

Edit your form

Now you can make edits and customizations to your PDF form.

Add fields

To add fields, click the corresponding field button on the top Toolbar. This will add the selected field type to your form. PlatoForms provides a variety of field options for your PDF form, including:

Fields for PDF form from Scratch

Field Description Scenarios
Input Lets users type in text, numbers, or data directly. Ideal for collecting info like names, addresses, dates, and more.
Choice Provides options for users to pick one or more answers. Ideal for single or multiple-choice questions with predefined choices.
Dropdown Shows a condensed list of options. Users can choose one option from the list, making it great for saving space while offering multiple choices.
Signature Lets users electronically sign documents for verification or agreement. Often used for legal matters, it allows users to sign using a mouse or touchscreen, confirming their consent.
Image Allows you to insert images, such as logos or graphics, into your PDF form. Ideal for adding branding elements, company logos, or visual representations to your forms.
Shapes Enables you to insert various shapes into your PDF forms. Serves decorative or functional purposes, depending on your form’s requirements
Text Shows fixed text or labels in the form. Unlike an input field, users can’t type into it. Ideal for instructions, descriptions, headings, or non-editable text to guide users about the form’s purpose or use.

After selecting the desired field, the field’s widget will appear on the right panel, highlighted by a red border.

Adjust the field

When you select the widget of the field:

  • In the left panel:
    You can adjust the properties of the field.

    It’s important to provide information for the “Label,” “Help text,” or “Placeholder” attributes for each field. This information is used to generate an auto-completion menu that makes it easier for users to fill out the form.

  • In the right panel:
    • You can drag the widget of the field to the preferred position on the PDF.
    • You can also adjust the widget’s size by dragging any of its four sides.

Change the widget properties

Select your widget to view the properties in the left panel. Adjust the properties to make changes.

Switch between multiple pages

If your PDF has multiple pages:

  • Click on a different Page on the left panel, the right panel will switch to the corresponding PDF page.

  • You can also navigate between them using the page toggle located at the bottom of the right panel.

Arrange page orders and delete page

When no field widget is selected on the right panel, the left panel will display an ordered list of all the pages in your PDF.

  • Arrange page orders
    To reorder your pages, in the left panel, drag-and-drop the pages into your desired order.

  • Delete page
    To delete a page, in the left pane, at the bottom left of the page preview, click the Delete button and then click Remove.

Preview your form

To preview your PDF form, click the Preview PDF button located in the top left.

The PDF in preview state cannot be filled with data. You need to convert it to an online form.

Convert to online form

  1. Once you’ve completed your form, click the Make Online Form button located in the top left.
    PlatoForms will convert your PDF into an online form, mapping all the widgets to online form fields.

  2. Once the conversion completes, choose your desired form type:

Choose form type.png

  • To convert into an online PDF form, select Build a PDF Online Form.
  • To convert into an online Web form, select Build an Online Web Form.

Edit the online form

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