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    Creating an Online Form for an Existing PDF

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    With Builder you can build three types of forms: online web forms, online PDF forms, and master forms.

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    you will arrive at the Form Builder. On the form Builder, there are three main sections:

Data retention policy

This article offers information about PlatoForms’ data policy and how you can customize it to suit your requirements.

Data retention policy

  • What is data retention policy

    Data retention policy is about how data is stored and deleted for legal or compliance reasons. A basic policy should explain how data is stored, for how long, and on what systems. This usually depends on industry regulations. Your data is safe in PlatoForms due to our security measures. You can also decide how long we keep your submission data.

  • What data retention offers

    When you retain your data, you get to enjoy our helpful features for the entire retention period. These include the ability to edit forms, keep track of changes, download PDFs, and easily find and share your PDF documents.

  • How long your data will be retened

    At PlatoForms, we care about keeping your form data safe, which might include sensitive customer info.

    By default, we keep your form data for 3 months from the last submission. But, we’re flexible. You can choose your own retention time that suits your needs. For more details, see Account-specific retention time.


    If you switch from a premium plan to a free plan, the data retention policy will automatically revert to the default retention period of 3 months.

  • Who can change the retention period

    Our data storage rules apply to all your team’s forms, and only the Team Admin can change them.


    When you create an account, you are automatically the Team Admin for your own team.

  • How we delete data

    When a submission is around longer than our set storage time, we delete everything related to it, like PDFs and attachments. It’s done securely and permanently to protect your info.

  • When you delete the data

    It might take up to 24 hours for us to remove old submission data from PlatoForms.

Account-specific retention time

For detailed information on retention periods based on different account types, please refer to the account-specific details.

Account Retention period Description
Newly registered Default: 3 months. /
Trial or free plan Fixed at 3 months, non-adjustable. /
Premium plans Choose your retention period:
  • 0 days
  • 7 days
  • 30 days
  • 3 months
  • 6 months
  • 1 year
  • 3 years
  • Forever
    • Choose a 0-day retention and connect to a cloud drive. Data is instantly removed from PlatoForms after successful uploading. Or select “Forever” retention for extended storage.
    • When data is removed from PlatoForms, data management features won’t be available.
      HIPAA-compliant Set to “Forever.” To meet HIPAA standards, establish an in-house backup policy. If you use electronic signatures, choose “Forever” retention for submission data continuity.

      An account that follows HIPAA rules for secure handling of health data. This ensures patient confidentiality and data privacy. Check Ensure HIPAA compliance for more info.

      Change data retention period

      You have control over how long we hold your data. You can pick a period from 0 days to forever that suits you. Here’s how:

      1. Go to the Dashboard and click on Submissions in the left navigation.

        Click submission

      2. On the Submission page, click on the form submission for which you want to change the data retention period, and then click Data Retention.

        Click data retention

      3. In the Data Retention Policy window, pick your preferred retention period from the dropdown.

        Choose data retention period


        For a detailed description of the retention period, see the Account-specific retention time section.

      4. Save your settings by clicking Save.

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