PlatoForms Year In Review: 2021

From the PlatoForms team to yours–thank you for such an amazing year!
Lexin-Ann Morales
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At PlatoForms, 2021 was full of changes, new features, and productivity.

Like every milestone that should be celebrated, we are ending this year with a post about our company’s achievements and continuous growth.

Cheers to 2021 and to more successes for the upcoming year–2022!

Our website revamp

Revamping a whole website is always a bold decision–and doing so takes a huge amount of time and effort. Our old website was simple and straight to the point–but we decided to take it further by adding stunning graphics and visuals; which took a while to complete. Since we were launching a few new features throughout 2021, we figured our website image should change together with our innovation.

Our old website that says “The old way” pertains to our clients sticking to the old traditional way of organizing documents and paper–confusing, disordered, and messy. We were so used to using paper and manual processes that we never considered what it’s like to go through automation–fast, organized, and productive–”The new way”. Through automation and digitalized documents, our internal workflows are now more systematized than ever.

Hence, we decided to take “The old way” and “The new way” in a more modernized manner. Maintaining the authenticity and simplicity of our website, we added a more illustrated way of streamlining documents with PlatoForms. To add the cherry on top, we specified our mission–to create a document workflow with online fillable PDF forms. This way, our main goal will be more clear to our clients–to help them scale through the convenience of online fillable PDF forms.

For more detailed (and visual) instructions, we also added quick directions of how our software works. Helping our clients convert PDF to online fillable form, it’s now easier with these four steps–upload your PDF, design your form, share your form, and wait for us to create the PDF for you. No coding skills or tech background needed–yep, this isn’t Adobe Acrobat, people!

Every product is made to provide specific solutions–that’s why this time we decided to add our product solutions to our new website. Specifying the industries that we are serving, our clients can now determine which PlatoForms feature they need in order to improve a workflow. Whether you’re an HR manager who needs to convert PDFs to forms for approval or just a salesman who should make a fillable PDF online for clients–you’re on the right software. No need to sulk if your industry isn’t mentioned–you can check out our solutions page to know how we can help you!

Hooray for new product features 🌠

The outside appearance is always nothing without inside beauty–that’s why aside from having a web design makeover, we were so focused to launch new product features this year. Our software is simple–but we make sure that it can do the job by adding up more features that can cover certain aspects of help to our clients. Here are this year’s new product features:

Form Submission Data Retention Policy

We value the data and privacy of our clients–that’s why aside from our data security policy, we launched the form submission data retention policy to protect your data in any third-party system. By storing the data that your users submit for three months, you can be confident that this won’t be stored further and will be permanently deleted after the retention period.

Form Invitation

Online forms are just so hard to monitor sometimes–that’s why our form invitation feature was released to help you invite users easily to fill out their forms–while tracking their progress in real-time. With the form invitation feature, you can invite users, track the status of your online forms, and schedule invites.

Pre-filled Invitation Forms

Pre-filled invitation forms truly changed the form-filling experience–now you won’t have to type the same information over and over again. Filling out forms is now easier than ever with the help of auto-populated forms.

Stripe Integration

We figured converting PDFs to online forms isn’t enough–accepting online payments through forms should be the way to go. As e-commerce businesses continue to rise in fame especially this 2021, we launched a stripe integration feature to allow your customers to send payments through online forms. As Stripe is one of the most common payment methods used online, it will be much convenient for you to finally manage your payments through this feature!

e-Signature certificate

Our online forms are powered with e-Signature pads that help you collect electronic signatures–this time, it’s more secure than ever. We released this feature to send you e-Signature certificates that will ensure the integrity of the files sent by your users.

Email template

Our invitation form feature is now more powered by the email template feature. This awesome addition makes your email invitation much easier by allowing you to create templates that you can utilize for later use.

New content resources 📚

The audience used to be contented with mini product information on websites–but now it’s never the same.

With the continuous insatiable appetites for content on the go, users now crave seeing fresh product content like a hot coffee in the morning. Because of this, we decided to take our content creation seriously by adding up two main content categories this year–Productivity and Feature.

Productivity blogs

This 2021, work from home and online learning took over the traditional–but it was welcomed by the world with both arms, thanks to the innovative technology. This year, we decided to help our audience maintain their productivity through weekly content about tips, hacks, and more.

Product feature blogs

Our product features are the heart of what we do–and our content should speak of it. This year, we posted blogs about the different features we provide for our clients, together with its benefits and industry solutions.

We published our first whitepaper

We truly took our content to the next level by publishing our first whitepaper! Titled, 5 Reasons Why Companies Should Switch to Online Forms, our whitepaper talked about the importance of PDF software to companies–and why using one can improve work efficiency and productivity.

Our social media skyrocketed this 2021 🚀

As we make our content stronger, so is our social media presence. This year, our social media showed little but gradual growth compared to 2020–we now have 119 likes on Facebook, 38 followers on Twitter, 22 followers on Instagram, and active posts on Pinterest. Aside from that, we also made an extension to other social media platforms such as Quora, Medium, and Reddit. This way, our informative content is now spread to more audiences. We know how users love videos–so we are also on our way to making quality content and informative tutorials on our Youtube channel.

We built a stronger resources page this year 📝

To give a more understanding of our product, we realized it’s essential to build a more in-depth resources page. We started to publish a FAQ page that can help you answer your questions when using our features. Included in this page are our ‘What Is New’ page where we post news and updates about our products, PlatoForms official documentation for specific instructions about the features, and special documentation for API.

We also compiled a few of our tutorial videos on this page.

From the PlatoForms team: Thank you for an amazing year! 🥂

From our team to yours–thank you for such an amazing year! We look forward to serving you with our product through educational content, new product features, and more room for improvements. Cheers to the upcoming year ahead–we’re ready to conquer 2022!

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