What Are The Best Business Blogs You Can Follow?

Consistent learning is essential if you want to succeed. Keep on learning with these top business blogs!
Sunny Gonzales
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“Continuous learning is the minimum requirement for success in any field,” says Brian Tracy.

Starting a business is not a joke. It requires a lot of energy, knowledge, research, time, and money. Hearing some stories of successful people in business today can make you realize that nothing is easy for anyone who wants to succeed.

In fact, according to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are approximately 20% of startup businesses that fail during the first two years of operation, 45% during the first five years, and 65% during the first 10 years. While there are only 25% that make it to 15 years or longer.

One of the reasons many businesses fail is their lack of management and industry knowledge. Since many factors affect business, it’s also crucial that you familiarize yourself with them to ensure that you’re knowledgeable and proficient enough to handle future circumstances.

Here’s where business education comes in. As said, there are many things to learn, so consistent learning is important. It might take time, but it’s undoubtedly worth it in the long run.

It’s a good thing that business learning resources are now available in almost all forms; from books, podcasts, e-books, face-to-face seminars, and even blogs. To help you get started, here are the top 15 business blogs to help your business succeed.

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Top 15 Business Blogs You Can Follow

Here’s the list of the best blogging sites you can follow to grow your business:

1. PlatoForms

Blogs by PlatoForms  PDF Tool

PlatoForms is a tool that helps you make fillable PDFs online. It’s a helpful PDF tool for businesses, employees, and students. Aside from that, PlatoForms also aims to help people in the business world through online fillable forms and providing blogs that give value to their users.

PlatoForms blogs are comprised of topics about maximizing the PDF tool for your business success, improving productivity, and business communication.

Best business blog articles you can start reading:

Pro Tip: PlatoForms comes with top-of-the-line features that’ll help you improve your business. Main product features will allow you to convert PDF to web form, make fillable PDF online forms, create master forms, create PDF workflows, and set up pre-filled PDF forms invitations.Read more: The Best Productivity Blogs You Can Follow

2. Forbes: Business

Forbes Business Blogs

Who wouldn’t know Forbes?

Forbes is one of the most trusted and well-known media companies globally, therefore one of the best business blogging sites that you should follow. They write about different stuff but to be specific, their Business section is one of the top sources of reliable business information today. They even call themselves “the leading source for reliable business news and financial information.” Whether you’re already a successful business owner or you’re just starting up, Forbes is one of the best blogs that can help your business win.

Best business blog articles you can start reading:

3. Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur Business Blogs

Another blog that you’ll surely love!

Entrepreneur blog includes categories such as Technology, Wealth, Starting a Business, Subscribe, and Women Entrepreneurs Stories. They have a specific category for startups so it’s recommended for newbies! From business news to tips, you’ll get them from this blog.

Best business blog articles you can start reading:

4. Neil Patel blog

Neil Patel Business Blogs

Neil Patel’s blog is a business and marketing blog well-known to SEO Marketers. From the blog’s name itself, it’s a blogging site founded by Neil Patel, a New York Bestselling author and top web influencer.

His blogging site is one of the best business and marketing blogs to read because he teaches effective techniques and posts updated facts about marketing. Not to mention that most of the techniques he’s teaching are based on his marketing experience (as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under the age of 30).

Best business blog articles you can start reading:

5. Big Ideas for Small Business

Big deas for Small Business Blogs

As the name implies, it’s one of the best blog sites for small businesses. This blog is a must-follow if you want to try unique business ideas! They give one-of-a-kind tips about marketing, employee relationships, finance management, and more.

Best business blog articles you can start reading:

6. Moz blog

Moz Blogs

Aside from being a powerful SEO tool, Moz is also reliable when giving SEO tips through their blogs. If you’re starting up with your business website’s SEO, you can try reading Moz blogs. They provide free SEO training and guidance.

Best business blog articles you can start reading:

7. CorpNet

Corpnet Blogs

CorpNet is another business and marketing blog that teaches how to run, manage, and grow a business successfully. Their blogs provide tips from their CEO regarding legal entities, crisis management, development, starting up a business, and more. Reading CorpNet blogs feels like you’re directly talking to a business mentor!

Best business blog articles you can start reading:

8. HubSpot

HubSpot Blogs

HubSpot is another complete online sales marketing tool that educates business owners, mostly about online marketing. Their blog categories include the ff:

  • Customer Retention
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Customer Experience
  • SEO
  • Email Newsletters
  • Email Marketing
  • Sales Qualification
  • Sales Process
  • Sales Prospecting
  • Remote Work

Best business blog articles you can start reading:

9. Business Insider

Business Insider Blogs

Are you looking for professionally written economic and business trends blogs to help you grow? Business Insider is the best choice for you. Aside from the latest business news, they also publish success stories that will truly inspire you as an aspiring business owner. No wonder why it’s always on the list of best business blogs to follow!

Best business blog articles you can start reading:

10. Smallbizdaily

Smallbizdaily blogs

Smallbizdaily aims to provide business ideas and information for small business owners. With decades of experience writing and reading about business, they’re passionate about sharing their take on the business world with startup entrepreneurs.

Best business blog articles you can start reading:

11. Seth Godin’s blog

Seth Godin’s Business Blogs

Seth Godin’s blog is one of the best marketing and business blogs that you should not miss reading!

Seth Godin is known as the Ultimate Entrepreneur because of their list of achievements in the industry. He has written 19 best-selling books and founded two companies. If you need business words of wisdom from the experienced, Seth Godin’s blog is the place to go.

Best business blog articles you can start reading:

12. Fast Company

Fast Company Blogs

It’s a one-stop blog where you can find almost any article related to entrepreneurship. Business leaders love the Fast Company blog because of its articles’ free practical and creative advice.

Best business blog articles you can start reading:

13. AllBusiness

AllBusiness Blogs

From business tools to resources, AllBusiness is the best blog you can lean on to help you with your business problems and questions. Their articles come from the minds of real-world business experts, giving great advice that’ll help you grow.

Best business blog articles you can start reading:

Small Business Trends Blogs

With their slogan, “small business success … delivered daily.”, Small Business Trends provides news and information that could build up and strengthen small business owners.

Best business blog articles you can start reading:

15. Chet Holmes International Blog

Chet Holmes International Business Blogs

If you want to succeed in selling, Chet Holmes International Blog is the go-to blog that you should follow.

Chet Holmes is considered one of the world’s leading sales and marketing experts. As the author of the Ultimate Sales Machine, Chet Holmes gives practical advice on sales and marketing. You can also learn much from the blog he started.

Best business blog articles you can start reading:

I hope you find this list of best business blog sites helpful! Business education doesn’t have to be expensive; you have to be resourceful and determined in learning things about your business.

I hope you find this list of best business blog sites helpful! Business education doesn’t have to be expensive; you have to be resourceful and determined in learning things about your business.

Benefits of reading business-related blogs to your business

That’s a pretty long list but reading them is surely worth it, especially with these benefits that you can get:

It gives you FREE business success tips

You’ve invested much of your money in the business itself already, so take advantage of free stuff that’ll help you grow it this time. With the help of blogs, you can get a list of tips that you can test for your business without investing a lot of money.

Blogs aren’t just a manual or collection of step-by-step procedures; some blogs encourage you to pursue the industry niche that you’re into right now. They also feature real-life stories of both success and failure.

It motivates you

Most blogs are personalized and made to teach and inspire. If you want to read something that’ll keep you and your business going, there are motivational blogs available for you!

Trend updates will help you understand how your target market makes decisions for a certain period. Knowing the trends will help you create strategies that will catch your customers’ attention, leading to higher sales and improved branding. With that said, reading the latest news blogs will significantly affect your business’s current strategy.

It enables you to learn any time, anywhere

Blogs are accessible whenever and wherever you are, for as long as you have an internet connection. With the help of business blogs, you don’t have to watch lengthy videos or even attend a whole day seminar for business education anymore.

Achieve business success with PlatoForms online fillable forms

Business education is not limited to attending webinars, reading books, e-books, and business-related blogs. As one of the sayings goes, “Experience is the best teacher.”, so why don’t you try and experience using tools that will level up your business?

This time, try using the PlatoForms PDF tool for your documents. PlatoForms PDF tools enable you to make PDFs fillable online, convert your PDFs to web form, and create a master form and a workflow for your PDFs. With PlatoForms, you can now let your customers complete their transactions through online PDF forms. Sign up here.

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