5 Best Halloween Form Templates To Use This 2022

Halloween is coming, are you ready for it?
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After a long time of spending Halloween at home, many are excited because we can finally enjoy the event with our friends and loved ones face-to-face! Halloween orders and parties will be everywhere, but why worry if you have online Halloween invitations and forms?

Now that Halloween is coming, we want to help you make the most out of your online forms and use them to send Halloween invites, distribute Halloween party flyers, and manage online orders.

Without further introduction, here are some on-the-go thrilling Halloween form templates you can use with your team!

Pro Tip: If you have an existing Halloween PDF form, you can use PlatoForms to convert it to a web form. PlatoForms is an online PDF tool that allows you to make PDFs fillable online by just uploading them to the tool.

Halloween Costume Contest Registration Form Template

Halloween Costume Contest Registration Online Form Template

Double the fun and excitement of your Halloween Costume Contest through this Halloween Costume Contest registration form.

Through the help of an online contest registration form, you can connect and entice a broader set of audience to join you as you celebrate the Halloween event. Don’t worry about the time and the designing skills because this form template is complete with the design and fields you need.

Pro Tip: We recommend you create an online Halloween party flyer and put the link to your Halloween form in it as well. It allows your audience to quickly access your form while giving them the information about what they would sign up for.

Halloween Decors Request Form (Form Offices) Template

Halloween Decors Request Online Form Template

Since it’s the time of the year to transform your office into a scary, thrilling place, your team will surely request decorations from your property custodian. The paper request form is long gone; try this Halloween decor request form that will allow you to monitor borrowed stuff and the employees who borrowed them online. To add, your employees can also use this form to request decors any time of the day and anywhere they are— which speaks for convenience!

Halloween Event Suggestion Form Template

Halloween Event Suggestion Online Form Template

The success of a team event relies on great teamwork, so allow your team/ audience to share their own mind-blowing Halloween event ideas using this online suggestion form template.

This form is perfect for Student Councils, University Faculty, Business Establishments, or any organization. Aside from helping you collect their ideas and suggestions, it also allows your team or stakeholders to engage with you and be involved in your upcoming event.

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Halloween Costume & Decors Order Form

Halloween isn’t fun without the spooky costume and decorations, so if you’re selling one online, expect many orders to come. The question is… are you ready to manage them?

This Halloween costume and decor order form will help you manage online orders with ease. It also comes with that Halloween vibe design helping you relate with your customers and encourage them to check out their orders. You’re free to edit it how you want and publish it without hassle.

Home Owner’s Halloween Party Registration Form Template

Planning a Homeowner’s Halloween party event? This registration form got your back!

Complete with the design and personal data field you need— you can now gather homeowner attendees’ information online. It comes with a dark theme and a Halloween image banner that sets the mood for your upcoming event.

After collecting attendees’ data through this form, you can send them Halloween invites and party guides online.

Pro Tip: You can also customize this form template and add your Halloween Party flyer on the last page, so your attendees can have an overview of what’s going to happen at your event.

Now that you got the templates, all you have to do is review and publish your preferred ones! Once published, you can use the shareable link to share your forms with your colleagues and customers through email and other social media channels. Plus you can also embed them on your website if you have one. Don’t worry about the web form codes, FormCan provides embeddable codes for you!

Use these templates for free with FormCan

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