Things You Can Do To Organize Your Files And Be Productive

File organization is highly essential for businesses--and completing PDF forms online can help you achieve the data organization that you've been hoping for your company.
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A lot of companies use online collaboration tools to increase productivity–including PlatoForms. Aside from letting you convert PDFs to web forms and submit PDF forms online, our features also offer workflow that can increase your team productivity. However, online tools can only do so much–maintaining a neat workspace is also important to achieve productivity. A research from reliable plant says that an average person is wasting over 4.3 hours a week just to search a paper–which can waste time and increase stress. Keeping a clean and organized workspace starts with you–including desks. A messy desk is the main culprit of the stack of papers, lost information, and mishandled documents, which can cause reduced productivity and disorganized work. Consider the following tips to clean your desk and regain productivity:

Set a weekly organizing/clean-up schedule

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Whether once a week or monthly, a routine clean-up schedule allows you not to pile up clutter. Big clutter comes from small ones–and taking the step to clean your workspace on weekly basis can make a big difference. Set a schedule, take the time to organize your documents, and label them for future purposes. Of course, organizing documents isn’t entirely physical–since files are also now made electronically available, you can also set a weekly clean-up of your e-documents on your laptop or computer.

Make it a habit to clean your working desk every day

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Weekly clean-up sounds awesome, but it would be more helpful to do this every day. No, this doesn’t mean you’re taking the whole day to clean your desk–doing simple decluttering after working hours like picking up those unnecessary note pads, organizing your folders, and putting them where they belong instead of letting them stack on your table. Cleaning your desk every day will give you a new perspective the moment you start the next day–allowing for a more organized and clean space to enhance productivity.

Declutter and take advantage of online storage

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Digital silo truly took storage gaming on to the next level. Saving money from drawers and physical spaces for storage allowed companies to continue using online storage, including cloud drives. With an online silo, you are reducing the possibility of paper dependence–and making your workspace much cleaner.

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One of the strengths of online storage is security–your documents are safe from inevitable disasters and loss of papers.

Lessen paper dependence

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Computer printouts comprise the largest category of paper product consumption. By taking your documents online, you are not just saving mother earth–but also improving your productivity. The benefits of going paperless are endless–it’s going to be much easier to find information, rather than going through several drawers and folders.

Take PlatoForms for example. Our features are built to help you reduce your paper dependence by converting your PDFs to online forms. You can simply upload your files, turn PDFs into online forms, send them to your clients, and have them complete your PDF forms online. This way, you can get rid of printing paper forms and sending documents manually. Our shareable links will also allow your customers to submit their PDF forms online easily, without coding or techy steps involved.

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Submitting PDF forms online and organizing your files with PlatoForms

Here at PlatoForms, we deeply understand the importance of file organization in the company. Through the proper organization, companies won’t just achieve productivity–they will also save time and money. Thankfully, our features won’t just let you convert PDF to online forms–it will also help you organize your online documents.

how to submit online fillable PDF forms

Our form submissions feature lets your submitted PDF forms online be sent directly to your inbox. Not only that, but it also provides you a real-time notification in your PlatoForms submissions page–with the date and time stamp of the submission for reference. Besides submitting PDF forms online and keeping track of them, you can also do a lot more on our submissions page. Here, you can check the progress of your workflow (Whether your PDF has been completed by Person A and now sent to Person B). Instead of manually finding files in your drawers and spending a huge amount of time going through every single paper one by one, you can just simply search your document by submission data. On the submission page, you can also confirm if the submitted PDFs are revised or not, allowing you to take note of changes.

Although underrated, the proper naming convention of files helps a lot with file organization. This way, you can recognize files easily, allowing you to get rid of going through random documents one by one. Before, submitting PDF forms online only involved emails–organizations were used to using software to upload their files, download them, rename them, and store them in folders. While this is the traditional process, it’s tedious and time-consuming. By using our submissions page to keep track of your submitted PDF forms online, you don’t have to spend time in organizing documents–and you can automatically rename your documents, too. If you’re integrating your PDF forms with a cloud drive, you can automatically give your forms labels/names and organize them into folders specifically. After submitting PDF forms online, our software can create a PDF using its original name, and you can update it on the PDF settings or form title option.

Completing PDF forms online has never been easier with PlatoForms. With our features, you can reduce your office clutter and benefit from the endless advantages of digital documents such as saving time and maximizing productivity. Sign up today and submit PDF forms online seamlessly with PlatoForms!

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