Revolutionize Approval Worflow with Master Forms

Efficiency, consistency, and clarity redefined in the approval process with PlatoForms' Master Forms and workflow automation.
Luna Qin
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Approval online forms

We’ve all been there - dealing with tedious paper-based processes that seem to drag on forever. Chasing approvals, correcting mistakes, and feeling overwhelmed by the never-ending shuffle of documents. It’s a hassle we could all do without!

But don’t worry, there’s a simple solution that can make those headaches a thing of the past. PlatoForms allows you to digitize approval process with easy online forms. No more waiting around, hunting down signatures, or resolving errors from messy handwritten forms. Just a smooth, streamlined workflow to capture information accurately from the start.

The best part? PlatoForms is designed for anyone to use, no technical skills required. Despite its simplicity, it’s a powerful tool trusted by organizations of all sizes to modernize their processes. With handy features like workflow automation and master forms, approvals become a walk in the park. Let’s take a peek at how PlatoForms can revolutionize your approval workflows!

Make approvals effortless with workflow automation and master form

PlatoForms makes approvals a breeze with two standout features - workflow automation and master forms.

🔧 What is workflow automation?

The workflow automation streamlines those complex scenarios where multiple people need to complete different sections of a form. Think sales approvals, customer onboarding, school registrations, and more.

workflow automation feature of PlatoForms

Instead of passing around copies or duplicating work, the workflow neatly breaks the form into easy steps. Each person focuses on just their part, keeping things super streamlined. After someone completes a step, the system automatically notifies the next person in line. This effortless flow continues until the entire form is complete. Then, like magic, all the steps merge seamlessly into one polished final PDF. No more hassle or risk of errors.

Let’s see it in action with a car rental example:

  1. The customer fills out their personal details first. When they submit, the sales team gets notified for the next step. A rep adds the rental car info like make, model, and pricing.

  2. With the car details completed, the workflow notifies the manager that approval is needed. The manager can view all previous entries while providing their final signature, all on one seamless PDF.

  3. Once the manager approves, the workflow automatically combines everything into a single, comprehensive PDF rental packet. No messy merging - just review the final version before sending it out.

For more details, see our user documentation - Collaborate with Workflows.

🧾 What is master forms?

Then there are master forms. It’s a kind of template you can change to match your needs. With master forms, you can essentially build a modular template containing fields like file uploads, signatures, etc. Then, you just link this master form to any other PDF forms, pulling in the desired fields from the master to other linked PDFs with a few clicks. Boom - you’ve got a dynamic online form ready to capture inputs, all without reconstructing the same elements over and over. It’s the ultimate way to streamline form creation while maintaining a consistent, professional look across all your documents.

But wait, there’s more! With PlatoForms’ master forms, you have the flexibility to customize your approval fields for different types of requests or levels of authorization. Whether it’s a purchase order, a vacation request, or a budget approval, you can tailor the fields to match the specific requirements of each approval task.

For more details, see our user documentation - Manage Master Form.

Revolutionize approval process with master forms and workflow automation

Together, workflow automation and master forms are a powerful combo for streamlining even the most convoluted approval cycles. Here’s how it looks in action for employee onboarding:

The employee onboarding case

employee onboarding

When it comes to approvals, employee onboarding is a classic example of PlatoForms’ power:

  • As soon as a new hire is entered, an onboarding workflow automatically initiates with steps for HR, IT, facilities, security and other departments.

  • HR kicks things off by entering the new hire’s core details which populate from a master form template.

  • The workflow then seamlessly routes to each department - notifying them when it’s their turn to complete their specific section while referencing previous details.

  • With every stage approved, the data consolidates into a comprehensive onboarding packet PDF for HR’s final review and publishing.

Step 1: create master new hire form
  1. Log into your PlatoForms account and go to the Dashboard.

  2. Click + Start to build and select Create Master Form for Multiple PDFs.

    create master form
  3. In the master form builder, add common fields needed across all onboarding stages e.g. Name, Job Title, and Start Date.

  4. Customize the field properties and order as needed.

  5. Preview and publish the master form.

  1. From the Dashboard, find your master form, and click Link > Link New PDF.

    Link PDFs
  2. Upload the first departmental form (e.g. HR New Hire)

  3. In form builder that opens, hover over desired fields from the master form and click + Add to PDF to add fields from master to this form.

    Link PDFs
  4. Add any additional department-specific fields.

  5. Repeat steps 1-4 to link/create forms for IT, Facilities, Security, etc.

Step 3: configure onboarding workflow
  1. Go to the Workflows page and click Create Workflow.

  2. Add the HR New Hire form as the first step.

  3. Add the IT, Facilities, Security forms as subsequent steps.

  4. For each step, click the gear icon to configure settings like:

    • Combining data across steps into one final PDF
    • Displaying previous step data
    • Including links to previous PDFs/Forms
    • Auto-filling fields based on labels
  5. Click Share when all settings are finalized.

  6. Publish the Workflow.

For more details, see our user documentation - Configure Workflow steps

Step 4: use the onboarding Workflow
  1. Share the published workflow URL with HR.

  2. When a new hire is entered, HR initiates the workflow by completing first step.

  3. The workflow automatically routes and notifies each department for their approval step.

  4. Once all departments complete their sections, a final, consolidated PDF is available.

  5. HR can review and finalize the complete, approved onboarding packet PDF.

For more details, see our user documentation - Share your Workflow

In conclusion

By following this process, you create a standardized digital onboarding where:

  • Common form fields is maintained with the master form.
  • Each department effortlessly completes their section.
  • The workflow combines all steps into one packet automatically.
  • The full approval cycle occurs seamlessly through automated routing.

Approvals made refreshingly simple with PlatoForms’ automated workflows and master forms.

This streamlined digital approach saves you a ton of time and hassle compared to clunky manual methods riddled with mistakes and delays. With automated workflows securely routing each step and master forms ensuring consistency, your approvals become a well-oiled machine. No more headaches, just effortless efficiency!

Why keep struggling with archaic approval processes? PlatoForms’ no-code platform makes it a breeze to build automated workflows tailored to your needs - in minutes, not hours. Sign up for PlatoForms today and say goodbye to lengthy bottlenecks for good. It’s time to experience the refreshing freedom of simplified, standardized approvals!

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