Announcing: PlatoForms Searchable Dropdown

Say goodbye to manual scrolling of the dropdown choices and hello to efficiency!
Lexin-Ann Morales
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User convenience is important for customer satisfaction and retention because if they find your process consistently convenient, they are more likely to become repeat customers and advocates. Additionally, inconvenience can frustrate users and prompt them to seek alternatives.

That’s why here at PlatoForms, we see to it that your online forms can be more convenient for your users.

Now, we’re about to unveil our newest feature that will transform your user experience. Say goodbye to manual scrolling of the dropdown choices and hello to efficiency as we introduce you to our game-changing software feature, the Searchable Dropdown option.

What is the PlatoForms Searchable Dropdown feature?

A Searchable Dropdown, also called a “Searchable Select” is a user interface element that combines the functionality of a dropdown list with the ability to search and filter its options. It offers a more efficient and user-friendly way to select an item from a long list of choices. 

Benefits of Searchable Dropdown feature

Now that you can add a searchable dropdown to your online PDF forms, you are now letting them experience the following benefits:

Improved experience

Using a Searchable Dropdown to your PDF forms improves the user experience by reducing frustration and cognitive load. Your users don’t have to rely solely on manual scanning to locate their desired option. The search functionality also provides a more intuitive and user-friendly way to interact with dropdown menus.

Hassle-free navigation

The searchable dropdown option allows your users to quickly and easily find the desired option from a large set of choices. Instead of spending hours scrolling through a long list, users can simply type a few characters and get instant search results. This saves time and effort, especially when the dropdown contains numerous options.

Increased Accuracy

With the help of a searchable dropdown, they are more likely to select the correct option because they can search for specific keywords or attributes related to the item they’re looking for. 

PlatoForms without Searchable Dropdown feature

Without the Searchable Dropdown option, your users will take time to scroll down through a long list of options on your form. This usually happens for choices like countries (not to mention there are 195 countries in the world!)

How to add the Searchable Dropdown to your online PDF form

Adding a Searchable Dropdown to your online PDF form is pretty easy, just follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your PlatoForms account.
  2. Click the Start to Build button.
  3. Upload the PDF that you wish to turn into an online form.
  4. Select the kind of form you want to build. (Online PDF Form or Online Web Form)
  5. Once done, the form builder will open and from there, you can add the field you want (including the dropdown option). You can quickly find the Dropdown button at the top of your screen. 

Check this new Searchable Dropdown feature now!

Level up your form efficiency! Sign up for a PlatoForms account and try the Searchable Dropdown field now.

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