The Best HIPAA-Compliant Video Apps To Use For Telehealth Consultations?

As telemedicine becomes more famous, so is the use HIPAA-compliant videos.
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As telemedicine becomes more apparent in today’s health checkups, it’s important to use HIPAA-compliant tools for security, including video. With HIPAA-compliant video apps, healthcare workers and hospitals will benefit from convenient, safe, and improved health service worldwide. To add, telemedicine now becomes more common since it’s more convenient for seniors to push choose telemedicine rather than go to the hospital for a check up.

In this article, we’ll be including HIPAA-compliant video apps that you can use for telemedicine purposes.

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What Are The HIPAA-Compliant Video Apps I Can Use For Telehealth Consultations?

Zoom for healthcare

Zoom offers an industry-specific plan for healthcare providers. Zoom for Healthcare includes tools designed for the telemedicine industry, including integrations with medical devices and electronic health records (EHRs). The service offers in-app file sharing, a patient waiting room, mute/unmute features, chat messenger, a whiteboard tool, and AES 256-encryption.

Zoom’s collaborative tools, such as screen sharing and desktop recording, are HIPAA-compliant with Zoom for Healthcare. Zoom is an excellent solution for telemedicine providers who need video conferencing features without built-in patient management tools. Zoom for Healthcare doesn’t offer essential services like billing features or appointment scheduling. But integration options are available with external apps through specific healthcare software services.


GoToMeeting plans give customers the flexibility to choose the plan that best suits their needs. This video conferencing tool is excellent for one-on-one appointments. It can also accommodate group meetings of up to 150 participants on the basic plan (and more on the business and enterprise plans).

GoToMeeting provides various features that accommodate telemedicine appointments, such as in-app note-taking, screen sharing, meeting locks, chat messaging, and no time limit on meetings. While GoToMeeting is sufficient for video conferencing, it doesn’t include patient management tools like medical device integration, billing, or appointment scheduling.


Medici is a mobile app for telehealth that includes various features to support communication between providers and patients. One unique feature is the ability to import patient contact information from a supported EHR into the Medici app. Patients can request video calls through the app and view the consult rates before a treatment session.

Through this secure messaging app, providers can e-prescribe medications, collect payment, and take advantage of real-time translation for more than 40 languages. Colleague Connect makes it easy to collaborate with others in the industry while maintaining HIPAA compliance at all times.


Doxy is HIPAA, GDPR, PHIPA/PIPEDA, & HITECH compliant video conferencing tool. Doxy’s interface can be customized with providers’ brand names and logos, thus giving a more professional look. Doxy also has an online shop for telemedicine providers in which they sell many telemedicine equipments, including laptops, microphones and blood pressure monitoring devices.

Doxy’s waiting room feature includes a patient queue and allows patients to check in virtually, so their provider knows they’re ready for the appointment. Each waiting room is customizable with images, videos, and reading materials for patients. In-app appointment management offers higher levels of flexibility compared to other video conferencing services. Providers can reschedule appointments quickly if a patient is running late.


The eVisit platform supports telehealth services for small and large medical providers, including private practices, hospitals, clinics, and health systems. Available features include EMR integrations, charting, billing, e-prescribing, intake forms, and a virtual patient waiting room. In addition to supporting full telehealth communication, these tools help improve operational efficiency for healthcare practices.


Pexip’s dedication to data security and privacy and its focus on patient experience has brought it to the forefront of telehealth solutions.

With Pexip’s interoperability with Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, and Google Meet, patients and providers are able to join video conferences from any device, without needing to download software or plug-ins. This streamlines communication with providers and eliminates the clunky barriers that may disrupt a patient’s healthcare experience.


The SimplePractice patient portal allows providers and patients to share information before an appointment. Intake documents are mobile-friendly, and you can use these tools on laptops or desktop computers. Other convenient features for telemedicine appointments include one-click video calling, screen sharing, calendar syncing, a website widget for booking, and autopay for credit card billing.

Chiron Health

Practices of all sizes can use Chiron Health for cloud-based telemedicine services. This HIPAA-compliant tool provides much more than basic video calling. EMR integration streamlines workflow management, including insurance verification, consent documentation, and payment calculation. Appointment calendars show provider availability and allow patients to schedule appointments.

Automated appointment reminders inform patients about upcoming appointments. When patients log on for their telehealth meetings, a virtual waiting room provides digital check-in services and a place to wait until the consultation begins.


Trusted by CHG Healthcare, the U.S.’s largest physician staffing firm, RingCentral’s platform offers access to its app gallery and open APIs to allow users to create customized workflows that can be scaled to specific organizational needs.

RingCentral’s Google Chrome extension enables users to click to dial right from the browser, allowing almost instant communication capability without the need for third-party apps or plug-ins.


TheraNest’s tools make it easy to manage and streamline a mental health practice, with solutions for paperless prescriptions, insurance billing, client information storage, and appointment scheduling. Telehealth tools allow clients to join sessions through personalized session links with no password or software download needed. Providers have complete control over video and audio during the video sessions, including screen sharing and file sharing.

Collect HIPAA-compliant forms with PlatoForms

Let your clients and patients complete and submit their PDF forms online seamlessly with PlatoForms. With the HIPAA-compliant feature, you don’t have to worry about the security of your patient data collection.

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