8 Compelling Reasons to Choose Web Forms in 2024

Discover the reasons to choose web forms in 2024, enhancing accessibility and user engagement for improved customer satisfaction.
Luna Qin
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Ever ordered food online or clicked “Buy Now” in the digital shopping realm? Congratulations, you’re a seasoned navigator of the online universe! And guess what’s behind these magical transactions? Web forms - the unsung heroes making it all happen.

What are web forms?

A web form, also known as an online form, electronic form, or HTML form, is an online tool that allows users to input and send information to a server for processing. Users can enter details like names or addresses through text fields or choose options from dropdown menus. These forms are commonly used for placing orders and making transactions, streamlining the process for a faster and smoother experience.

Think of web forms as the internet’s digital receptionists. They’re like the forms you fill out at the doctor’s office, but much less intimidating. Instead of using paper and pens, you click and type, sharing your name, address, and email—the virtual essentials of online interactions.

Sure, web forms are the VIPs in e-commerce, collecting your deets for a smoother shopping ride. But hold on to your keyboards; their talents stretch beyond just being info-gathering superheroes. They’re the Swiss Army knives of the digital world, ready to be wielded by any department or industry.

So, if you’ve been holding out on embracing web forms in your organization, now’s the time to let them shine. These online forms aren’t just tools; they’re the sidekicks you didn’t know you needed, making data input a breeze and transactions as smooth as butter. Ready to bring a touch of digital magic to your processes? Time to give those web forms the spotlight they deserve!

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Why choose web form?

In this digital age where remote work, online learning, and e-commerce are the new norms, our good friend, the PDF form, is becoming increasingly popular. But let’s face it, editing PDFs can sometimes feel like a maze. That’s where this nifty solution comes in - converting PDFs into online and fillable web forms. It’s all about making your life easier, ensuring you share forms smoothly without messing up your precious content.

Web forms are versatile tools, finely tailored for specific needs, making them perfect for businesses and education, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in various processes. Despite their seemingly simple nature, the benefits they offer are truly endless.

why choose web form

1. Easily accessible

Selecting an online web form is a smart choice in today’s connected world. Users can easily access it by clicking the email invitation or scanning the provided QR code directly from their mobile, simplifying the process and enhancing data collection efficiency for businesses or institutions without the need for complex tools like Adobe Acrobat.

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2. No downloading required

Navigating the digital realm, we’re like secret agents, vigilant about avoiding email attachments that might sneak in viruses. The good news? Web forms with shareable links eliminate the need for risky downloads and conversions.

Imagine how simple life could be without the hassle of sending files back and forth. All you need to do is share the URL with your fabulous customers, send them a friendly invitation email, or even embed it into your website with no coding wizardry required. That’s right, no more downloading unnecessary files. It’s a win-win!

prevent email virus

3. Better user stickness

What is user stickiness:
User stickiness refers to the ability of a website, app, or service to keep users engaged and coming back for more. It measures how well a product retains its users and maintains their interest over time.

Web forms have seamlessly integrated into our digital routines, becoming a fundamental aspect of online experiences. The familiarity gained through frequent use, akin to hearing a favorite song on repeat, enhances user comfort and encourages continued engagement. This transformation reflects the evolving nature of our digital interactions, showcasing how web forms contribute to increased user stickiness by becoming an integral part of our online comfort zone.

increase user stickness with web forms

4. Easy to Locate

Imagine browsing a website, wanting to share your thoughts via a contact form or survey. Web forms make it a breeze, seamlessly blending into the site for easy access, like finding your favorite snacks at the front of a grocery store.

This smart placement ensures visitors can effortlessly spot and dive into filling out forms without any hassle, making engagement a walk in the park.

Now, consider the alternative - PDF forms not designed to be embedded on the website. The struggle begins. Clients face a digital treasure hunt, searching, downloading, filling out, and then uploading forms back to the platform.

To make life simpler, watch the video below. Learn how to effortlessly integrate customer feedback into your Canva design for an Instagram post. A simple copy-paste of the published URL is all it takes!

The convenience and ease of web forms play a starring role in enhancing user experience and ensuring customer satisfaction. It’s like having your favorite snack right in front of you - easy to find, easy to enjoy!

5. Good for promotion

Directing visitors to your embedded web form achieves two key goals:

  1. Gather crucial information, enhancing audience understanding for tailored communications.
  2. Boost awareness about your website, a crucial asset in the internet-driven business landscape.

The journey to gaining valuable leads begins with the simple yet significant step of increasing awareness. By directing these visitors to your website, you’re not only enhancing the visibility of your online presence but also steering these potential leads towards understanding the value proposition your business offers.

Through this process, you’re a step closer to promoting your business, establishing your brand in the market, and building relationships with your potential customers. It’s a strategy that intertwines data gathering and marketing, leveraging both to create a solid foundation for your business growth.

6. Effective Lead Generation

Current data indicates that a significant 74% of companies are utilizing web forms as a strategy for lead generation. Nearly half of these companies, 49.7% to be precise, view their online forms as their primary tool for generating leads, suggesting the critical role these forms play in business growth and customer engagement.

These online web forms are versatile and can serve multiple purposes. For instance, they can be used to facilitate the download of various resources from your website. These resources could range from educational materials like whitepapers, in-depth case studies, to comprehensive e-books. By offering these valuable resources, you’re not only enhancing your business’s credibility but also creating a platform for potential customers to engage with your brand.

As users interact with your online web forms to access these resources, you can effortlessly gather essential user information. This data collection process is non-intrusive and user-friendly, ensuring that your potential clients are more likely to provide their details. Consequently, this strategy enables you to generate a continuous stream of leads, ensuring your business’s sustainable growth.

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7. Enhanced accuracy

Using online forms for surveys can improve the accuracy of responses. Paper forms can be tampered with and lead to errors, because they rely on the attentiveness of staff to enter all details correctly, and naturally human error can creep in whenever a person has to perform a repetitive task. This requires surveys to be redone and wasting time and resources.

Online survey forms create a more efficient process, benefiting both the people doing the survey and the people taking it. For the surveyors, it helps collect more accurate data. For customers, it’s easier and more convenient. This method is not only more efficient but also safer, ensuring the data collected is reliable.

enhance accuracy with web forms

8. Less abandonment rate

Did you know that a whopping 81% of people give up on filling out forms either because they’re too long or they’re not mobile-friendly? It’s a big hurdle when it comes to keeping users engaged and bumping up those conversion rates. But not to worry, web forms are stepping up to the plate to knock this issue out of the park and bring those abandonment rates down.

Web forms are getting a fun makeover with interactive elements, progress indicators, and mobile optimization to guarantee a smooth sailing experience, no matter what web browser or device you’re using. The goal here is to keep users hooked and minimize abandonment due to tech glitches or a design that’s not user-friendly.

What’s more, we’re making the form-filling process a walk in the park. Thanks to cool, innovative features like conditional logic and pre-filled fields, we’re cutting out the parts customers don’t need. This not only simplifies the process but also reduces the time it takes to complete a form. The result? Fewer people dropping off halfway and more satisfied users. Win-win!

When to use web forms?

Thinking about when to unleash those web forms? Well, these little digital wonders are your ticket to building a cozy bond with your customers. You can trust them to scoop up data, shoot your requests straight to you, and even keep things neat and tidy on your Google Sheet.

Now, what can you do with these web form gems? Let’s count the ways:

  • Collecting data
  • Evaluating your product or service
  • Kickstarting a chit-chat with your visitors
  • Selling your fantastic products
  • Gathering info to deliver top-notch services
  • Letting your customers drop some comments
  • Hearing what folks think about your offerings

Use PlatoForms to create web forms

PlatoForms emerges as the ideal tool for transforming PDFs into efficient web forms, seamlessly integrating into various digital processes. Whether you’re a seasoned online navigator or a business looking to streamline data collection and enhance user experiences, PlatoForms offers a solution that goes beyond the conventional capabilities of web forms. Elevate your digital interactions and discover the transformative benefits of PlatoForms! Sign up today!

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