How To Make Fillable PDF Forms Online Without Adobe Acrobat?

Now, completing PDF forms online is not just limited to Adobe Acrobat.
Lexin-Ann Morales
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Back then, filling out forms only involved pen and paper documents. With the consistent fame of PDF fillable forms today, official paper documents are now replaced with fillable PDF forms–which provides more advantages, including being cost-efficient, faster, and much easier to use.

Making online fillable PDF forms online doesn’t just come from scratch–you can also create forms from your existing documents. Whether you have a scanned paper document that you want to send to your clients or a document in word format that you want to fill-out, you can convert these PDFs to forms and turn them into fillable ones. This doesn’t just save your time–it also allows you to easily edit data.

Since its foundation in 1982, Adobe has never failed to deliver all aspects of web development and graphic design services to people. Also known for its ability to provide PDF assistance, Adobe has been one of the most used applications for anything PDF-related. The good news? You don’t need an Adobe Acrobat or any other software that needs to be installed just to make online fillable PDF forms. PlatoForms online form builder lets you create various types of online PDF forms, including fillable ones.

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What are online PDF fillable forms?

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PDFs are the ultimate multi-use and multi-device file type. Without distorting the layout and style of the file, PDF enables users to send files to one another easily.. Anyone who has used word-processors in the past will understand the pain of broken formatting that usually happens when sending ordinary document formats–however, this doesn’t happen in PDFs.

On the other hand, online fillable PDF forms are basically PDFs–only it’s an outlined form. Online fillable PDF forms have gained so much popularity because of their ability to change the way we do business. These handy online documents enable users to add fields that are editable, savable, and, most importantly, shareable. You can even save them on a hard drive–which means businesses no longer have to store thousands of unnecessary and physical documents. Online PDF fillable forms are versatile, immensely popular file types, and they’re not going anywhere any time soon.

How to make fillable PDF forms online without Adobe Acrobat?

  1. Log in to your PlatoForms account.
  2. Click the Start to build button. In this step, you can create forms in two ways–from an existing PDF, or from scratch.
  3. Once you’ve uploaded your PDF, you can select a field element to customize your blog. This element is found at the top of your PDF page.
  4. The elements available on your PDF builder are Input, Choice, Dropdown, Signature, and Photo.
  5. Click Preview in the toolbar to view the changes in your PDF. After customizing your form, you can now click Publish.
  6. Once published, you’ll receive a URL or an embed script to share your PDFs.

Why turn PDFs into fillable forms?

Using the standard PDF is convenient as it gets–but there would be a few cons to think about. This includes the difficulty of sharing–you need to attach and send it to email, download, and print them before filling out (Or use software to do so). Another challenge is that the majority of users are not familiar with methods to modify and fill out PDFs–it’s not easy to delete or change info. Lastly, searching files is tough. Without a dedicated CMS, it’s impossible to search through your forms. There’s also no way to recreate versions or retain a version history.

On the other hand, making online PDF fillable forms offers tons of pros for your business, including:

It’s customizable

One of the major problems in PDFs is that it doesn’t work like word documents–editing, erasing, and adding information is difficult. Making online PDF fillable forms with PlatoForms lets you customize your online forms based on your branding and style–and lets you input amendments easily.

It’s dynamic

Making online PDF fillable forms allows you to constantly change your online forms interactively–you can change headings, insert subheadings, add fields or drag and drop form fields. You can even add e-signature pads for approvals, or conditional logic for formulas.

Pro tip: With PlatoForms’ conditional logic for PDFs, you can hide a text input if the user selects a specific choice in the drop and down fields of their forms. Learn more here.

It’s convenient

After making online PDF fillable forms, you can just simply send the URL to your customers or embed the fillable PDF forms on your website. Finally, attaching online forms to emails is now a thing of the past.

It keeps tracks of user submissions

PlatoForms notifies you every time you get a response. Submissions are stored in your submissions folder, and you can access them whenever you want.

You can make online PDF fillable forms from an existing PDF file

With PlatoForms’ form builder, you can use a current PDF design to make your fillable pdf form.

Where can you use fillable PDF forms?

Congrats, you’ve finally completed your online PDF form! Wondering where you can use it? Some industries include:

  • HR departments: You can make online PDF fillable employment forms for hiring purposes, or forms for survey and company events.
  • Events and charities: For registration and volunteering forms.
  • Agreement forms: Whether you’re in a real-estate company or a law agency, you can make online PDF fillable forms for agreements or transactions.
  • Order forms: Empower your e-commerce business by making PDF fillable forms online for orders, invoices, and online receipts.
  • Advertising forms: Create fillable forms for your clients, pilot projects, or even surveys.
  • Government forms: Filling out is now easier with fillable PDF forms online–no more waiting in line and long processes. Government sectors can now simply make fillable PDF forms online and send them through links to promote smoother transactions.
  • Patient forms: Make online fillable PDF forms when collecting patient data. Note: For security, make sure that your online forms are HIPAA-compliant.

Make online fillable PDF forms with PlatoForms

Building up fillable PDFs doesn’t have to be rocket science–PlatoForms makes building fillable PDF forms simple, easy, and fast. Equipped with beginner-friendly instructions and simple features, this can boost your productivity and save time for your organization.

For a free account, sign up and try completing your online PDF forms today.

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