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How to customize my online web form’s appearance


Can I personalize my online web form by adding our company logo and adjusting the background color to match our brand?


Absolutely! PlatoForms provides:

  • Design customization options: add logos, adjust fonts, change colors.
  • Ready-made themes for instant form appearance changes.

To access these design options, check Access the form designer.

Cutomize the form design

You can add your logo, change the background, modify fonts, and even use the CSS panel to change your form designs freely.

To get more details, check the Customize form design section in our User Documentation.

Switch between themes

Choose from a variety of ready-made themes to instantly transform the appearance of your online web form. By selecting a theme, you can swiftly change the visual style and witness the updates on your preview page.

To explore the available themes, check the Apply the themes section in Our User Documentation.

Have more questions? Visit our FAQs page or contact us.