How API Boosts Your Business

These lego blocks of building software is more than its small appearance.
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We previously talked about the API and how it works with our online PDF forms. It offers so much more than converting your PDFs to online forms–it allows you to submit PDF forms online, turn PDFs into online forms, and more. It isn’t called lego blocks of building software without any reason–it’s essential not just for developers, but for businesses as well. We listed several reasons why API integration tools are important–it promotes automation, lessens human errors, enables proper monitoring of data, and offers security. While API provides tons of benefits for businesses, we also make sure to provide seamless interaction between our clients and their online PDF forms through our restful API. With our form integration with API, you can get things done with your online forms and even achieve maximum productivity.

In this article, we will focus on API and how it can help businesses innovate.

The API, though it sounds like a fully high-tech term for most people, is being used by everyone every day without even noticing. From adding stuff to our carts in online shopping websites to ordering food online, we take advantage of the API and its features.

As software that allows apps to talk with each other, APIs deliver requests to their end-provider and sends the response back to us. This software helped companies provide more convenient services for their clients, such as processing payments and perform communication using APIs–take Stripe and Twilio as examples. Because of this, developers continue to see the worth of APIs, creating and developing more API-driven software.

How can API Boost Your Business?

1. Automated Process

With its ability to communicate to different applications, API is not just focused on providing automation, but also accelerates business service. By automating specific processes, businesses can finally provide access to certain data, enabling them to become more efficient. This way, collection can be done automatically, instead of a manual gathering of data.

2. Staying innovated with API

Before, developing internal processes would take the whole company upside down. A huge budget must be considered–since large software is needed to improve app ecosystems. With the help of API, companies can now connect apps and enterprises with data, allowing outside developers to be involved with the improvement of your company. This allows you to collaborate with other developers in improving your app, and also makes room for future innovations. The ability of APIs to let applications communicate with each other despite the difference in operating systems and devices enables businesses to stay innovative.

“Establishing an API collaboration loop is key for businesses to create thriving, innovative ecosystems”.- Google Cloud, Fueling Application Innovation: How APIs help bring business ideas to life

According to Google, “Establishing an API collaboration loop is key for businesses to create thriving, innovative ecosystems”. This means the future of companies with API shines bright more than anything else–and will continue to do so.

3. Delivering tailored experiences

Now, customers want to be remembered more than ever. With over 66% of consumers expecting companies to know them and provide services according to their needs, their willingness to share their personal data with companies to be provided with personalization also increases. With the API’s power to provide and analyze the data of its users, customizing experiences for your clients is now within reach.

For example, our restful API here at PlatoForms provides a tailored experience for our clients. Aside from offering form integration, businesses can also do more than create online PDF forms, such as listing the metadata or your forms or submitting it to generate PDF files. By using API to deliver these personalized experiences for your customers, you can create long-lasting loyalty from your clients.

4. PlatoForms + Restful API

We developed a restful API here at PlatoForms to help you with your form integration. Not all PDF software provides API integration tools for online PDF forms, so we made sure to develop one for a more tailored experience. ur restful API can help you merge your online forms to your in-house system–making your internal process much faster and easier than before. Besides API, we also have Webhook, a web development method that can enable you to receive real-time notifications whenever your clients send new form submissions. This way, you can monitor the submissions of your forms easily without having to go back and forth on different pages. You can also manage Webhook yourself and allow it to be connected with your internal system promptly.

Our features are designed to help individuals to leverage the use of online PDF, including submitting PDF online, turning PDFs into fillable forms, converting PDFs to form, or even converting PDFs into web forms. However, this isn’t the whole deal when you use our restful API. With our API’s online PDF form integration, your team can bring out the best of PlatoForms and maximize productivity.

Our restful APIs truly had truly come a long way–and can do so much more with its 4th version. Now, you can do a lot more than build an online form with integration. With our restful API, some things that you can do include getting raw data of all revisions for a submission, prefilling the form by invitation, submitting your forms to generate a PDF file, and so much more.

We’d spare you from too much tech talk for your sake, so feel free to access our API documentation if you’d ever need references.


The API truly requires a certain level of tech knowledge to implement but is really worth the investment for all types of businesses. Because of APIs, internal processes can be aligned and more revenue can be expected. Here at PlatoForms, we are focused to let you do more with our restful API–easily convert your PDFs to online forms, submit PDFs forms online, or complete PDF forms online seamlessly. The benefits of our API to your online PDF forms are endless, so make sure to check out our documentation page for detailed information.

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