What Are The Top 10 Email Marketing Tools In 2022

Level up your marketing with these top email marketing tools.
Sunny Gonzales
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Email is an integral part of a marketing strategy.

Since its standardization in 1977, email had improved and is now being used by most people. For school, work, personal stuff, and especially for business, email serves as an important communication tool that builds bridges for you and other users wherever your location is.

While business owners need to connect with their customers, email has become their perfect companion. According to Statista, there are four billion global e-mail users in 2020, and this data is set to grow to 4.6 billion users in 2025. E-mail is one of the best communication tools to reach out to customers.

With the help of the right email-marketing strategies, many businesses have made it to the top. Surely, there are lots of factors to consider when creating a successful marketing strategy. Much research and testing are needed to successfully implement it as well. It’s a good thing that developers come up with email marketing tools to help marketers achieve their goals. These tools help them save time, create compelling content, analyze data, and more.

If implementing a successful email marketing strategy is one of your goals this year, here’s a list of tools that can help you ace it.

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Things you should consider in choosing an email marketing tool

You can never go wrong with the right tool, that’s why picking the right email marketing tool is crucial if you want to achieve your goals. To help you select the right tool for your email marketing, here are the things you should consider:


Cost is a serious factor, especially if you’re a startup business, so you better evaluate it before signing up for any online email marketing tool.

Does the pricing match the benefits? Is it reasonable? Or does it fit your budget? These are some of the questions you can use to evaluate the cost of the online email marketing tool that you’re eyeing. If it has a free trial, you better grab that opportunity and see if that email marketing tool is perfect for your marketing goals and needs.


Do not forget to check the tool’s features because they are what you’re going to pay for. The tool’s features are also the ones that’ll help you implement and take action towards your goals. See if the tool can provide you with the things you need like automation, data analysis, advanced list maintenance, easy integration, and a dedicated IP address.


It’s crucial to check the tool’s interface as well. A simple interface plays an important role in learning the tool and in building up your online email marketing process. When the interface is simple and easy to learn, it’ll save you time, energy, and money since you and your team won’t need to attend time-consuming training.


The email marketing tool that you’ll choose should make your work and process easier. Make sure to consider if the tool is user-friendly and if learning it would not take much of your and your team’s time. Another thing that you can check is if it’s accessible on any device or type of computer.


Integration is essential to the whole email marketing process. It allows you to automate and create a workflow between the application that you commonly use. The online email marketing tool that you should pick should be something that you can connect with other communication tools, web form tools, social media, etc.

Pro Tip: Collecting leads is essential in starting your email marketing campaigns. With that said, I suggest using PlatoForms to make interactive web forms and fillable online PDFs which are both essential for lead generation. You can also integrate your email marketing tool with your forms and convert your existing PDF file to an online form with the help of PlatoForms.

Make sure you take these factors into consideration before finally subscribing to the email marketing tool you’re eyeing. Take advantage of free trials if possible.

Top 10 email marketing tools in 2022

Now that you already know the things that you should check before subscribing to an online email marketing tool, let’s now proceed to the list of 10 email marketing tools that’ll help you achieve your marketing goals this year:


This tool promises to help you save time by providing you with ready-to-use email templates and a clutter-free writing experience. To add, it also lets you generate leads which would be the first step to your email marketing.


  • Commerce
  • Landing page builder
  • Email designer
  • Email sign up forms
  • Email automation
  • Creator Pro
  • Integrations


Stripo is known for its drag and drop email template tool that requires no coding skills— helping users build well-designed emails without stress and hassle. This one’s perfect for you if you’re a noob in web designing.


  • Modules library
  • HTML & CSS code editor
  • Email templates
  • Export options
  • AMP for emails
  • Customer support
  • Brand guidelines
  • Stripo translation
  • Custom fonts
  • Email annotations builder
  • Data service/ source
  • User roles and permission

Salesforce Pardot

Salesforce Pardot is an email marketing tool designed for big companies. Its promise is to help you deliver beautiful campaigns that work. It’s also known for email automation and other top-of-the-line email marketing features.


  • Email builder
  • Automation
  • Personalized Email Messaging
  • Optimized Sending


Sendinblue is a complete digital marketing tool that also offers email marketing features. This tool is perfect for startups since its main goal is to grow your business by effectively promoting your products online. With Sendinblue you can create customized emails and content. They also provide A/B testing that’s useful for finding the right design for email templates and the perfect timing to send emails to your audience.


  • Email editor
  • A/B testing
  • Email lists
  • Landing page builder
  • Automation


If you want something that’ll help you with your email design, Flodesk is another tool to tap in. This tool also works best for beginners and you can try it for free. It comes with ready-to-use templates–making it perfect for people who aren’t good at designing.


  • Email builder
  • Integration
  • Workflow builder
  • Landing page builder

TinyLetter by Mailchimp

Who wouldn’t know Mailchimp? Mailchimp is one of the most famous email marketing companies known for its simple interface. Now, they bring us Tinyletter, an email marketing application that focuses on helping business owners create effective newsletter campaigns while keeping everything easy and straightforward. Plus, they also promise that it’s a completely FREE tool!


  • Sign up form builder
  • NewsLetter email builder


Mailchimp is one of the most well-known email marketing tools and Tiny Letter is just a part of their long list of email marketing features. Mailchimp is known as a complete email marketing tool that helps you build campaigns, engage with your audience, and organize your lists using a simple interface. If you want more for your email marketing, then Mailchimp is a perfect tool for you.


  • Email Builder
  • Automation
  • Integration
  • Mobile App


Sender is a free email marketing tool that’s packed with features promising you deliverability. Have no coding experience? It’s not a worry when you use Sender because it’ll help you create stunning newsletters. Sender also promises to give you everything you need for a successful email marketing campaign.


  • Email deliverability
  • Smart automation
  • Templates
  • Analytics
  • Audience growth tools
  • Integrations
  • Dedicated IP address
  • Landing page builder
  • SMS marketing


One of EmailOctupus’ promises is to provide you with powerful email marketing tools that’ll help you grow your business. Designing is made easier with Email Octopus’ drag and drop email editor and you’ll definitely save time with its automation features. You’ll also love that you can start using it for free.


  • Audience tools
  • Campaign builder
  • Analytics
  • Integration

HubSpot email marketing (with CRM)

HubSpot has been helping many small companies by providing complete online marketing tools that guarantee great results. One of their well-known tools is the email marketing tool. Hubspot email marketing tool lets you create, customize, and optimize your marketing emails without having to be a tech expert. It also has the AB testing features that allow you to experiment with the designs and type of content until you discover what your audience loves the most.


  • Email builder
  • A/B test
  • Analytics
  • CRM data

How can you boost your email marketing with PlatoForms?

Every email marketing tool needs a lead generation buddy that’ll help you complete your email list. You can use PlatoForms in building lead-generating web forms that’ll help you ace your email marketing.

You can also use PlatoForms’ email invitation feature to invite your prospects to fill up your forms and sign up for your services. If you use the email invitation feature, you’ll have the option to set the expiration time of the form, set the time when the form is available, set simple password protection for the form, and restrict the number of submissions your users can do, and save the form automatically.

The feature also includes a tracking ability that allows you to track the following:

  • The email delivery status.
  • If the email is opened and the time that it’s opened.
  • The time when the form is opened and submitted.

Convert online PDF forms for your email marketing strategy with PlatoForms

Give your customers updates, follow up on your leads, connect your most used email marketing tool with PlatoForms, and more! PlatoForms is an online PDF tool that allows you to make and convert fillable PDFs online. It also comes with add-on features like API that help you create a smooth process workflow by connecting all of your most-loved apps together. Try it for free, sign up now.

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