Announcing: PlatoForms Thumbnail of Uploaded Images

Bring user experience to the next level with the Uploaded Image Thumbnail feature now!
Lexin-Ann Morales
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PlatoForms is always after your convenience, so we’re introducing you to our newest product feature today. The online form Uploaded Image Thumbnail.

What is the Uploaded Image Thumbnail feature?

The uploaded Image Thumbnail feature allows your users to see a snap of the images that they upload on your online PDF forms. As its name suggests, it’s a thumbnail of the image they upload.

Benefits of image thumbnails on forms

With this new feature, you can:

  • Provide easy content filtering and selection process.

Through the Uploaded Image Thumbnail, your users can quickly select specific images based on predefined criteria and check whether they uploaded the correct photo needed.

  • Improve user experience.

Thumbnails provide a visual preview of an image that allows users to quickly assess its content without viewing it in full size. This feature enhances user experience by saving time and effort, especially when browsing through a large collection of images or image-heavy websites.

PlatoForms without Uploaded Image Thumbnails

Imagine taking the time to upload lots of images only to discover that you uploaded the wrong ones! By then, you have to take another time re-uploading the correct ones.

That’s life without uploaded image thumbnails— time-consuming and inconvenient. Thanks to the ever-improving technology, we now have a more accessible option to view uploaded images.

Check PlatoForms Uploaded Image Thumbnail feature!

Bring user experience to the next level with the Uploaded Image Thumbnail feature now. Start creating your PlatoForms PDF online form now.

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