How Can You Use Web Forms for Non-Profit Organizations?

The use of web forms is rising; make the most out of it for your organization.
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turning PDF to web forms for non-profit organization

They say “Charity begins at home” well no, it isn’t. It all begins with a form. If you’re one of the billion digital buyers worldwide who live and breathe online shopping, web forms aren’t new to you. Since web forms are commonly used as order forms, lead generation forms, and registration forms, we can say that it is very useful in collecting customer information including name, address, email, and more. Making the traditional transactions entirely digital, using web forms truly became convenient for buyers and sellers.

Signing up using web forms by PlatoForms PDF tool

Now, the use of web forms isn’t limited to online businesses anymore–non-profit organizations also started to see the advantage of creating web forms for all aspects of charity activities.

Let’s suppose you manage a non-profit organization and want a reliable partner for data collection. In that case, a web form is the best option for you. You can easily collect all types of data your organization needs while saving both your time and money through web forms.

Aside from that, web forms also help you automate encoding tasks through the API integration. The integration allows you to save the gathered information inside your database automatically– finally, you can say goodbye to tedious and time-consuming encoding tasks.

How can you use web forms for your non-profit organization?

turning PDF to web forms for charity donation To add, here are some ideas on using web forms for your non-profit organization:

Donation process

If you are leading a non-profit organization, donations are essential to fulfill your goals in helping the community. To have a more streamlined process when collecting donations, you need to create easy web forms that won’t require complex coding skills.

Web forms can make your donation process quicker and more straightforward. From donation collection to sending thank you messages, using web forms can make a major difference in your collection process. Aside from that, web forms also make donating possible whenever and wherever the sponsors are.

It is also safer because you don’t need to hold the donation yourself; it can be sent directly to your organization’s bank account.

Registration forms for charity events

Do you want to reach more people and invite them to your charity events? Web forms can help you with that.

According to Data Reportal, 4.88 billion people around the globe use the internet as of October 2021, and that’s 62% of our total population. That just means there’s a bigger chance to reach more people if you use online registration forms for your charity events.

Web forms allow you can create embeddable forms on your website to share with people on the internet. Since web forms are used to collect personal data, you can customize them based on your event theme, add specific fields, and connect them with a database to instantly organize records. Compared to using paper forms (which can be deformed when wet, crumpled, burned, or easily misplaced), using web forms for registration would be much easier, safer, and accessible for event attendees.

Registration forms for volunteer schedules

Bid farewell to long registration lines. Charity volunteers can now register online and get their schedules without visiting the site with web forms. You can also integrate web forms with your emailing tool to update them.

Create surveys and charity questionnaires

Do you want to get feedback from your charity donors? With web forms, you can create forms designed explicitly for surveys with the right tool. You can also put multiple choices to open-ended questions.

Pro Tip: If you already have a PDF form with your survey questions, you can convert it to a web form, customize it, and start collecting answers with PlatoForms. Learn here.

Collect donations through forms with Stripe payments

Stripe is one of the most used and popular payment processing applications today. You can use it along with your web form to efficiently collect donations. To do this, just integrate your web form with Stripes, and presto! You can now add an amount field that your donors can use.

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Benefits of web forms for your non-profit organization

charity volunteers Still looking for signs on whether to use web forms or not? Take this list of benefits as your signal:

Collect data easily

Since you can embed web forms in your site, visitors who wish to take action can quickly enter their data. Once their data is entered, it will be ready for processing.

Connecting your web form to your database system and automatically organizing your records is also possible, making the process more convenient.

Manage events faster

No more hassle during events!

Do you often stumble with the list of people to send an invitation to a charity event? Have you been stressed out because you forgot to contact one of the volunteers?

If that’s the case–then contemplate on using web forms. Since you can also use web forms like registration forms, your attendees can register using them. Additionally, you will have the option to send them to an email campaign that can give them updates automatically about your events.

With that said, you’ll save yourself from the stress of bothersome processes! There is no need for manual emails and messages nor to go through a long list of contacts.

Recruit more volunteers

According to a study, over 90% of people prefer to use online forms for event registration. It just shows that switching to web forms to recruit volunteers will more likely become effective for your organization.

Another factor affecting volunteers’ decision is that web forms are more accessible and easy to use. Moreover, you can customize your web forms with a persuasive call to action, fun images, and charity descriptions which are significant factors when convincing volunteers.

Create web forms and fill-out PDF forms for your charity

Decided to use web forms for your charity yet not sure how to start or build one? Scratch that doubt!

There are plenty of web form builders available online. You can even start building now with PlatoForms. This complete online PDF tool allows you to convert PDF to a web form and turn your PDFs into a fillable online form. With PlatoForms, you can do more than just web forms; you can also fill out your non-profit documents in PDF format.

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