Announcing Stripe Integration: Accept Payment via Stripe With PlatoForms

Lexin-Ann Morales
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Stripe logo and Platoforms logo integration for Stripe payment online form creation.
App Integration

A PDF software and form builder with payment integration?

In addition to converting PDFs to online forms, PlatoForms can now be also integrated with Stripe to take the hassle out of online payments. With our Stripe payment forms, turning PDFs into fillable forms and collecting payments through it is now possible in minutes.

The best thing?

It’s free!

Happy man wearing a blue over all suit and the word free in all caps (by PlatoForms Online Fillable forms Creator)

Aside from the usual Stripe fee, PlatoForms won’t charge you anything else in all transactions.

What is Stripe?

Whether you’re managing a start-up business or a massive company, you probably know how Stripe can accept payments and manage payouts online. Aside from managing their business easily, Stripe also helps companies get rid of the common problems in payments such as fraud and business spends.

Stripe + PlatoForms = The best combination ever

PlatoForms now includes Stripe payment forms! You can now collect payments online conveniently with our online payment forms.

how to use PlatoForms PDF form builder with payment integration
Stripe and PlatoForms

Connect with Stripe in two ways:

Test Mode

Preview your form in this mode. To check whether the payment is working or not, you can input a testing card number that can complete the test payment.

how to test if online payment form is working
Payment Form

Live Mode

Ready to make a real transaction?

Once you checked if the payments are working, input a credit card number and do the same process in test mode. In this mode, you have to input a real credit card and make a real transaction.

Check your Stripe account

After your transaction, you can check the payment made in Stripe by logging into your account.

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