InvoiceBerry: The Best Online Invoicing Software for Small Businesses

Create effective and professional invoices with InvoiceBerry, the best online invoicing tool for SMEs and organizations.
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InvoiceBerry and PlatoForms

When it comes to business, there wouldn’t be a more time-consuming task than creating invoices. Aside from all the complications, you’d also have to deal with recurring mistakes, missing information, and tricky software.

The good news is, creating invoices now doesn’t have to involve using fancy software or an accounting degree. With InvoiceBerry, businesses and freelancers can send professional invoices in one go—all easy and jargon-free. In this blog, I caught up with InvoiceBerry to talk about the software—and why it’s the best invoice and expense tracking tool for small businesses.

How it started

Uwe Dreissigacker is the founder and CEO of the online invoicing software InvoiceBerry. He’s a serial entrepreneur who started his entrepreneurial journey aged 14 from his kid’s room back in Germany. After creating online games with hundreds of thousands of players, starting an ad network with over 1 billion monthly ad impressions, and co-founding an AdTech company that went on to get millions in funding, he decided to get back to his love of working with small business owners.

He remembered the first time he met his parent’s accountant and the shock the accountant had on his face when Uwe told him he lost all invoices from the previous financial year due to a broken laptop. Uwe then went on to solve the issue by creating a simple, intuitive online invoicing tool that would allow small business owners to keep all their invoices safe and backed up in the cloud. InvoiceBerry was born.

The development

The initial version of InvoiceBerry took about one year to develop. Since then, the software has gone through multiple complete re-designs and re-developments, always focusing on becoming more customer-friendly and intuitive.

Why InvoiceBerry?

InvoiceBerry offers a simple and intuitive interface to create, send, and manage your invoices in a productive and time-efficient manner. By integrating with various payment providers, InvoiceBerry furthermore helps collect payments for outstanding invoices and get you paid faster. You can also set up automated payment reminders for non-paying customers to automatically follow up with them.

In the past small businesses had to choose between enterprise software that isn’t made for small business users, accounting packages that require a degree to comprehend, or Excel templates that made them look unprofessional. There was no easy, intuitive, jargon-free way of simply sending beautiful-looking invoices to clients.

Additionally, small businesses had to install software updates frequently, backup files, and solve technical issues.

All of these problems were solved with InvoiceBerry as it is simple, intuitive, and in the cloud—making it the perfect invoicing solution for busy small business owners. We serve numerous industries, from tradesmen to consultants to web designers and agencies. Our customers work online, and offline, run physical shop locations, and also online shops.

How does InvoiceBerry work?

InvoiceBerry allows small business owners to sign up for an account and set up their company profile within minutes. They then can add their client information and directly start creating invoices for their clients. The software then allows them to download a professional-looking invoice PDF, send it directly as an email via the InvoiceBerry interface, or even send it as an SMS text message.

Furthermore, InvoiceBerry helps businesses collect invoice payments by integrating with all the most important payment providers worldwide.

What the future looks like with InvoiceBerry

We continuously work on making the product more user-friendly and helping small business owners run their businesses efficiently and efficiently. We keep integrating with payment providers and other partners to make running your business seamless. We’ve recently launched our sister project, an SEO-optimized blogging platform called BlogHandy, to help small business owners with their marketing efforts.

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