How PlatoForms Online Forms Can Empower your Hospitality Business

More than the usual struggles in event planning, lodging, and restaurant services, the hospitality industry faces grave challenges in data gathering and management.
Lexin-Ann Morales

Hotel building and customers using online forms

We are all familiar with how hospitality businesses operate–the usual greetings, escort services, food assistance, hotel bookings, and more. While it is common for businesses providing hospitality to offer a 5-star customer experience, what most companies in this field don’t pay attention to is the customer’s data gathering and management.

In this article, we will tackle how our online form filler and PDF online forms can streamline your data collection–improving the data collection of your restaurant, hotel, and all kinds of hospitality business.

What are the businesses in the hospitality industry?

As described by Wikipedia, the five most common businesses in the hospitality industry are food and beverage, lodging/accommodation, travel and tourism, timeshare, and entertainment.

  • Food and beverage: Aside from restaurants and food chains, some of the common examples of food and beverage businesses are catering, pubs, coffee shops, and food stores.
  • Lodging and accommodation: This industry includes hotels, travel inns, and resorts.
  • Travel and tourism: This section includes airlines, cruise ships, and trains.
  • Timeshare: Timeshare is a part of the hospitality industry because it provides leisure of some sort–a vacation. Properties such as condos, resorts, and vacation units are rented for a certain amount of time for fun or vacation purposes.
  • Entertainment: The most common entertainment businesses are bars, sports and gaming, nightclubs, and private yachts.

The cons of using paper forms in a hospitality business

hospitality paper forms
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Although the challenges of hospitality businesses are vast to explore, one of the most common struggles that these organizations face is data collection and management. Since most of the restaurants, bars, and other businesses still use paper forms for reservations, this can lead to unexpected errors and an unorganized process.

Using paper forms can lead to endless disadvantages, including:

  • Long queues: One of the reasons why long queues are common is because of the manual filling out of forms during the reservation. Because people need to fill out their information one by one, this can take a long time.
  • Long reservation process: Manual filling out of forms not just wastes the time of the customers, but also the internal process of the employees themselves. It is rare for businesses to spend ten people on the front desk to handle each restaurant reservation.
  • Unnecessary cost: Paper forms are expensive–imagine spending a huge amount of money on reservation forms. Since paper forms are limited, the resource of this can affect the business if there are many customers that need to be assisted.
  • Disorganized data: Paper forms are messy and easy to lost. Using papers can be difficult to track–additionally, it takes a long time to manage.

Importance of PDF online forms for the hospitality businesses

Because of PDF online form builders like PlatoForms, hospitality businesses don’t have to spend tons of money just for printing and buying papers anymore. Our software can enable you to conduct online form submissions, make pdf form filler online, and more. Not only will you improve your data collection, but you will also provide a much better customer experience. Here are some of the pros of using PDF online forms for your hospitality business:

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  • Faster check-ins: Utilizing online form submissions can get rid of long queues and complicated check-ins. Our online form builder allows you to send PDF forms online to your clients–now, they don’t have to wait for their turn to fill out customer forms.
  • Limitless reservations: Just imagine how a reservation without limitations can boost your customer experience–your clients won’t have to wait in line or call you just to reserve a dining seat. With PlatoFormsas an online form builder, they can simply fill out forms anywhere, and anytime.
  • Save money from paper forms: Aside from hospitality businesses, law firms spend more money on papers with an average of $1,000 per employee annually. Going digital will save your restaurant from spending money on papers, printing machines, and inks. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about the paper limitations–with online PDF forms, you can send as many forms as you wish!
  • Lesser mistakes: Aside from the convenience, online form builders aren’t so harsh about errors. Unlike papers, wrong spellings can be deleted in seconds with a backspace–you don’t have to waste another paper just for a single mistake.
  • Secured storage: Since form submissions are online, you can’t lose your paper forms from inevitable disasters or theft. Our online forms are stored with any type of drive you use–Google Drive, iCloud, and more. Aside from this, our forms are HIPAA-compliant. Through this, hospitals and other organizations can confidently collect the most confidential information using our software.

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Increase the number of your customers: With the convenience of online PDF forms, your employees will be freed from too much workload, and, your customers will also thank you for it!

Aside from PDF online forms, PlatoForms also serves as a PDF form filler, too! If you have existing PDFs that you want to use, you can upload them to our software, convert them to web form, and embed it on your website or business page.

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With digitalized forms, you don’t have to worry about cabinets or physical storage anymore. Our cloud drive connection enables you to store your forms online–some of the most common cloud drives are:

  • Google Drive
  • DropBox
  • OneDrive
  • Box

Upon connecting your PlatoForms account to your cloud storage, you can freely upload your files to the drive anytime. This allows you to access your forms anytime without going through several drawers or places. Needing an online form builder for your hospitality business today? Sign up now here and streamline your organization!

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