8 Tips for Choosing a Domain Name for Business Success in 2024

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Choosing the right domain name is crucial for your online success. According to a study by Verisign, 68% of customers associate a company’s domain name with its brand. Your domain name is your digital address, your online identity, and it can make or break your business’s first impression. Just like choosing a company name, selecting a domain name requires careful thought and consideration.

🌐 What is a domain?

Think of a domain as your website’s home address on the internet. It’s what people type in their browsers to find and visit your site without any hassle. Some folks mix up domains with websites or web hosting, but they’re actually different things with their own jobs. Web hosting is like the house where your website lives, while the domain is more like its street address.

How to Choose a Domain Name

In a hurry? Here’s a quick rundown of how to choose a domain name that gets results:

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Reflect on your business

When establishing your brand online, consider how your domain name reflects your brand and business. For example:

  • Local charm: If you’re serving Sydney, toss in “Sydney” into your domain, like “SydneyCafeHub.com”. Not only does it help locals spot you easily, but it also boosts your street cred and charm.

  • Special skills: Got some fancy tech tricks up your sleeve? Flaunt them in your domain like “TechSavvySolutions.com”. It’s like waving a neon sign that screams, “I know my stuff!”

  • Stand out: Unearth your unique selling points and weave them into your domain. Take “EcoFriendlyFoods.com” for instance; it’s like a green flag that says, “We’re all about saving the planet, one bite at a time.”

  • Bullseye your audience: Hit the mark with your target audience by tailoring your domain name. Think “ActiveFamilyAdventures.com” for those adrenaline-junkie families itching for outdoor escapades.

  • Values matter: Let your brand values shine through your domain name. “KindnessCafe.com” is like a warm hug in website form, promising a cozy spot where community and compassion reign supreme.

Craft a memorable brand identity

Think of your domain as your brand’s digital calling card—a name people will remember when seeking your products or services. Opt for something distinctive that encapsulates your brand essence.

Consider these tips to fashion a one-of-a-kind domain name:

  • Verify availability: Before finalizing a name, make sure it’s not already taken. Check domain availability on sites like GoDaddy, Namecheap, and Google Domains.

  • Utilize domain generators: Explore tools like Namecheap, Name Ideas Generator, and GoDaddy for inspiration.

  • Stay true to your niche: Keep your domain aligned with your niche, goals, and objectives to maintain relevance.

  • Research industry trends: Dive into niche-specific blogs to glean insights and trends in domain naming practices.

  • Let creativity shine: Infuse your domain with catchy phrases that etch your brand into the minds of visitors.

Simplify your domain for easy recall

When selecting a domain name, prioritize brevity, ease of typing, and memorability. Opt for something concise and straightforward. Here are some guidelines to craft a catchy yet uncomplicated domain:

  • Select a short keyword that succinctly represents your business.

  • Keep the length under 15 characters.

  • Choose words that are simple to spell; avoid slang or words with multiple spellings (e.g., express vs. xpress).

In a crowded online landscape, standing out is crucial. Test your chosen domain, with friends to ensure its appeal and clarity to others.

No numbers or dashes

Avoid using numbers and dashes in your domain name. They can make your website seem less trustworthy and harder to remember. For instance, “glass-repair-4u.com” can confuse people, as they might mix up numbers and dashes. It’s better to use plain words to make sure your website is easy to find and remember.

Boost your domain with niche keywords

Incorporating niche-related keywords into your domain name offers a dual advantage. Firstly, it boosts your SEO efforts, making it easier for potential customers to discover your business online amidst the sea of competitors. Secondly, it directly aligns with your business niche, enhancing relevance and visibility.

What is niche keywords?

Niche keywords are specific long-tail keywords related to a narrow industry. It’s crucial to optimize your site and pay-per-click campaigns for niche keywords rather than broad, popular terms. These broad terms are often tough to rank for, especially for new ventures. Read more here.

If you’re running low on inspiration, dive into keyword research to unearth other unique words relevant to your company. Here are some handy tools to assist you:

Explore these tools to uncover niche-specific keywords that can elevate your domain name and drive targeted traffic to your website.

Select the right domain extension

The .com extension stands as the most established and credible, being utilized by over 78% of businesses. Its widespread recognition is further supported by the presence of a dedicated “.com” key on many smartphones, facilitating easier typing of domain names.

While .com remains dominant, newer generic top-level domains (TLD) like .co, .io, .xyz, and .ai present compelling opportunities for concise and relevant names. Understanding the common uses of these extensions can aid in decision-making:

domain extension

  • .io: Popular among tech startups and online services. It’s commonly seen in the tech community.
  • .co: Great for businesses, commerce, and community-focused websites. It’s flexible and works well for various industries.
  • .app: Perfect for mobile apps and software. It tells visitors exactly what the website is about.
  • .info: Best suited for websites providing information and educational content.
  • .net: Typically used for technical and Internet-related services like networking and hosting.
  • .org: Mostly used by non-profits and organizations, giving off a sense of trustworthiness and social responsibility.
  • .biz: Ideal for businesses and online stores, showing a commercial purpose and offering a wide range of available domain names.

Additional options such as edu, .gov, .name, .pro, and more exist, each serving specific purposes worth considering.

Before making a decision, reflect on your company’s core functions and objectives. Ask yourself questions like, “What does your company do?” and “What is its primary focus?” This introspection will guide you towards selecting the most suitable extension from those mentioned above.

Get opinions with a domain name survey

To refine your domain name, why not gather some feedback? Creating a simple online survey with PlatoForms is a piece of cake! Ask questions like “Which name sticks in your head?” or “Does it sound professional?” Test out potential domain names with friends, family, or colleagues to get their input.

Don’t forget to check if your chosen domain name is available on major social media platforms too. Consistency across your online presence is key!

Verify domain history (especially for older domains)

Having a catchy domain name isn’t enough; it needs a clean track record too. If you’re eyeing an older domain, it’s crucial to do a background check to ensure it has a reliable history. Here’s how:

  1. Identify red flags:

    Understand what makes a domain undesirable. Look out for spammy content, links to untrusted sites, negative user experiences, and poor search signals.

  2. Use internet archive:

    Visit Internet Archive and enter the URL to explore past content associated with the domain. This helps uncover any questionable history.

  3. Leverage SEO tools:

    Utilize tools like Semrush to delve into domain history and assess its domain rating. This offers valuable insights into the domain’s reputation and performance over time.

Selecting the right domain name is a critical decision, but with thorough research, it’s well worth the effort. A well-chosen domain can significantly impact your online success, so invest the time to ensure its history aligns with your business goals.

Boost your branding: custom domains for online forms

Make the most of your custom domain beyond just websites and search engines. Extend its reach to other online marketing materials like online forms.

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