Announcing: PlatoForms Email Domain Verification

Incorporate your branding into your online PDF forms invitations and notifications email
Lexin-Ann Morales
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Here at PlatoForms, we believe in the importance of applying your branding in all aspects of your business processes, from documents to email names, we believe that they should all carry your organization’s identity.

Things you can do with Email Domain Verification

Email domain verification allows you to use your company/business email when sending PDF form invitations and notifications. In just a few clicks you can set your company email as a custom Sent From Email.

Additionally, using your company domain in your emails allows you to:

  • Combat phishing attacks and email spoofing by making it easier for the recipients to verify the authenticity of your email.
  • Build recognition and familiarity by helping recipients associate your email with your organization.
  • Enhance deliverability and inbox placement by increasing the likelihood of your emails being delivered to the recipient’s inboxes.
  • Create a professional image and build a brand identity by showing that you’re a legitimate business or organization.

PlatoForms without Email Domain Verification

Before the email domain verification feature was developed, every default Sent From Email is set to “”— you will not be able to add your company name or any custom name you prefer to add.

With that being said, it’ll be hard to determine for the users whether it’s you or another organization who sent the form.

Who should use the Email Domain Verification feature?

The Email Domain Verification feature is useful for anyone (with a paid account) who prefers using a custom email name when sending online PDF form notifications and invitations, but we highly recommend this feature for businesses.

To give you a hint, here are some user scenarios where email domain verification will be helpful:

Marketing Industry

Allows marketers to add the company name to the Sent From email for their Lead Generation fill out invitations which helps users recognize the brand and more likely open it. 

Human Resource

HR people can now send online PDF forms or application forms and fill out invitations through a more recognizable and professional Sent From email by adding the company name.

How to verify domain using verification feature

To verify your Sent From Email domain, go to your PlatoForms Dashboard and click on your Profile Name. Once done, the menu options will appear and from there, select Outgoing Email.

On the Outgoing Email page, you’ll be asked to add the domain name you’ll use for sending emails. You’ll have to add that and Click on Verify Domain.

After that, follow the screen prompt and create CNAME records to configure and activate DKIM.

Try PlatoForms Email Domain Verification feature!

The Email Domain Verification feature lets you communicate your brand while giving your users a more professional experience. Upgrade to a paid account now and make the most out of PlatoForms tool for your business.

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