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How to use my company email for form invitations and notifications


Can I use my company email to send form invitations and notifications?


Absolutely! You can verify either your “specific email address” (Email Address Verification) or your “company’s domain” (Email Domain Verification) to send form invitations and notifications using your company email. These ensure that your sent emails are trustworthy and genuine.

Both Email Address Verification and Email Domain Verification are exclusively available in premium plans.

What’s the difference between these methods?

  • Email Address Verification:

    This confirms individual email addresses. For example, if you verify mailer@mydomain.com, only that precise address can be used for sending emails.

    As the domain itself (mydomain.com) isn’t verified, only the exact address mailer@mydomain.com is verified. Other addresses within the same domain, like fillform@mydomain.com, require separate verification. Even if mailer@mydomain.com is verified, it could still be considered spam or rejected by strict recipient mail servers.

  • Email Domain Verification:

    This is a broader validation. If the entire domain (mydomain.com) is verified, any email address under that domain can be used for outbound emails, such as hello@mydomain.com or mailer@mydomain.com. This approach resembles using authorized servers to send emails, minimizing the risk of rejection.

For Email Address Verification

For Email Domain Verification

Refer to the Send email with custom domain section in the User Documentation.

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