Tips for a Successful Lead Generation

Lead generation is never easy for marketers--make sure to level-up your lead gen tactics with these tips.
Lexin-Ann Morales
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According to a report from HubSpot, 61% of marketers stated that lead generation is their biggest challenge. Generating leads isn’t as easy as it once was. Today, generating traffic has become more difficult for content marketers. While there is no secret formula for a successful lead gen strategy, you can always take steps to make a stronger online presence and eventually, turn leads into paying customers.

Take one step to the success of your lead generation marketing with our listed tips below.

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1. Give importance to content marketing

If you’ve been in the digital marketing niche for quite a while, you might have heard about “Content is king!” before—and it will never get old. One of the keys to achieving success with lead generation is simple: Take your content marketing seriously. Your consumers have a consistent appetite for content on the go—serve it hot by providing powerful content. Take these content marketing tips for better conversions:

  • Know your audience. Creating engaging content would be impossible without knowing who you’re talking to. Know your audience: Their job industries, personalities, hobbies, problems—and how your service can provide solutions to these problems. Find out the trending topic in your area and evolve your content in accordance with your buyer’s persona. Identifying your buyer’s persona can help you to know who you’re writing for. The best way to write content for your audience is to think about them.
  • Provide short, powerful, and resonating content. Whether you’re posting blogs or social media captions, make your content stand out from the crowd by providing catchy headlines and noteworthy articles. Video marketing is also an excellent way to produce content, especially since users prefer videos over reading. In today’s fast-paced digital world, leveraging a powerful video editor with an inbuilt video trimmer function as well as video converter like Veed can help you craft compelling and concise videos that leave a lasting impact on your audience.
  • Flaunt those five-star reviews. Conversions are improved because of positive reviews and testimonials. If a testimonial isn’t available yet, take this time to ask your clients for one. Reviews about your business can hit two birds in one stone: You can show your prospect leads what you’re capable of, and improve your business for the next time around.

2. Utilize email marketing

Email might sound so old school—but it never gets old in digital marketing. Despite the rising fame of applications invented to replace it, email marketing still hails as one of the top strategies that marketers should focus on. One of the ways for a successful lead generation? Utilize your email marketing strategy efficiently—and make sure to avoid those spam filters! Here are more steps on how to maximize your email marketing strategy:

  • Create a compelling subject line: Get the reader’s attention by writing a remarkable subject line. To avoid spam folders, make sure your email doesn’t contain spam words that can trigger the filter. This includes promises, exaggerated numbers, claims, and pressuring phrases. Examples of this are:
  • Don’t delete
  • Order now
  • Not junk
  • 100%
  • Accept credit cards
  • Earn money
  • Free gifts
  • Cash bonus
  • Make sure to include an “Unsubscribe” option. Without this button, your email will go straight to the spam filter. As an email marketer, you would also like to respect your audience’s preferences.
  • Avoid colorful, different-sized fonts. Colorful is always great to see—not in email marketing though. Readers prefer a one-sized font and simple appearance email. Additionally, colors alert spam filters!
  • Maintain a clean email list. Emails can be inactive sometimes—make sure to remove inactive email addresses once you’re notified to maintain a good email list.

3. Build a website that can attract the audience

Your website, the landing page, in particular, is the first thing that the audience sees. Make sure to leave a remarkable impression by building a simple and interactive landing page that will attract and make your visitors stay. Aside from an effective landing page, it’s also important to add chatbot to your website. With a website chatbot, you’re not only communicating in real time, but it also automates the manual—allowing your business to engage potential customers.

Some other tips to your building an effective website includes:

  • Attract with an appealing headline. Be specific and concise—you don’t have to state a story on your landing page. Get straight to the point with your visitors by stating what your business can do, and how will they benefit from your services. One of the best landing pages has a short, yet direct phrase that can hook the audience. Take these websites with good headlines as examples:

PlatoForms Online PDF Forms Homepage

PlatoForms doesn’t beat around the bush—it directly tells its audience about what service they provide.

Air BnB Lead Generation Form page (by PlatoForms PDF form converter)

Instead of saying its services, Airbnb catches the attention of its readers through a question followed by a call to action button.

CrazyEgg Lead Generation Form (by PlatoForms PDF form converter)

CrazyEgg entices readers with an instant promise.

  • Get creative. Unfortunately, the quote “Don’t judge a book by its cover” doesn’t apply to websites. First impressions always matter—create an eye-catching and creative website to attract your audience! Your web design will speak for your business: Let it translate the efficiency and capacity of your business.

4. Create easy-to-fill out online PDF forms

A lead gen strategy without lead generation forms is just wishful thinking without a tool. To maximize your lead gen strategy, you need a lead generation form that will help you generate leads. Your PDF forms online are the first thing that your customers will see–so make sure your PDF forms online are simple, easy to fill out, and user-friendly.

Here at PlatoForms, we strive to help lead gen companies by providing online PDF features that can help you generate leads. With our features, you can turn PDFs into online forms, convert PDFs to online forms, allow your customers to submit PDF forms online, and much more. Your leads will love our beginner-friendly forms—you wouldn’t have to worry about your company’s completion rate anymore. Some of our features designed for your lead generation forms are:

  • Web Form: PDF is a universal format—but using it is not everyone’s cup of tea. While using PDF in companies are usual, some people still find it hard to navigate their way around it because of two things: 1) PDFs are difficult to use without Adobe acrobat, 2) PDF design is complicated. The good thing about our PDF Online Form feature? We transform your PDFs into online forms. Now, you can just convert your PDFs into lead generation forms and send them to your leads anytime, anywhere. You don’t have to create another easier PDF design just to meet your clients’ needs. Whether you have a complex PDF or not, just convert it into online forms, and let your leads fill it out.

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  • PDF Online Form: Unlike the web form, our PDF Online Form feature retains the design of your original PDF. You can use your PDF forms and turn them into an online form for an easy filling out experience. This feature is useful if you want to use your company’s actual PDF form—whether it’s complicated or not, it will be easy for your customers to complete it.

We provided detailed instructions about building your PDF form online in this video tutorial:

  • Pre-filled invitation forms: Your customers will love your lead generation forms more with a pre-filled invitation form feature. With this feature, you can send pre-populated forms to your leads to help them save time and effort from filling out a form manually. Also equipped with an invitation feature, you can track your forms whether it’s opened or delivered successfully to your clients’ email. Aside from this, you can monitor the submissions of your online data entry form, or pre-filled forms.

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I collected leads… Now what?

PlatoForms not only provides you lead generation forms but also more features that will be useful for your firm’s lead gen strategy. You can integrate your online PDF forms with various web applications. Store your forms in your preferred cloud drive, or even let Slack notify you when your lead generation forms have been submitted. Our add-ons and app integrations aim to make your lead generation strategy more convenient than before.

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5. Nurture your leads

Your lead generation strategy doesn’t end here—consistent engagement is a must. Make sure to keep your audience engaged with relevant and educational content. This can vary from different types of engagement content such as how-to’s, eBooks, FAQs, Q, and A sections, memes, quotes, polls, and more. Aside from engaging content, the audience always appreciates free resources. Keep your leads updated with your best features and offer resources or tools to them for free. One of the best examples of this strategy is HubSpot. They provide free content marketing tips, slide shows, eBooks, and sheets of blog ideas for free–forever. The audience will be converted into paying customers eventually once they get accustomed to using your tools.

Another way of lead nurturing is the non-business approach. Your customers are dealing with sales talk every single day—try to be more personal by engaging them with real conversations. You can do this by making a “VIP list” of your dedicated clients and sending them curated newsletters once in a while. Additionally, you can invite your chosen leads to your company’s personal events, webinars, or roundtable. By nurturing your leads, not only will you establish your brand, but also keep the engagement rolling to your prospects.

6. Provide engaging CTAs

Yes, your landing page is definitely the place where you generate the most leads, but there are plenty of other pages out there too! Is there an easy way for visitors to leave their contact details so they can be kept up to date with news and offers? If not, then perhaps you could add an engaging callout CTA. Your goal is to make it easier for visitors to provide their contact details—so don’t be afraid to provide colorful CTAs that you can include in your blogs.

7. Listen to your competitors

Social media listening for your competitors is an underrated content marketing strategy. Benchmarking your brand against your competition using social media monitoring is an effective way to see where you stand compared to others. Measuring the volume of conversations about your brand and your competition allows you to compare yourself against others.

Don’t forget that the volume of conversations surrounding your brand is equally important. Consumers often look at reviews before making their purchase decisions. People who aren’t familiar with your company may use social media sites to learn more about your industry.

8. Invest in social media

Have you ever wondered where your marketing budget goes? Many companies spend their social media ad budgets on advertising. Advertising on Facebook increases your cost per lead (CPL) but brings in new business opportunities for your company. If there were no social media where you could guarantee people would always be online, then your business wouldn’t generate any new leads. Lead Generation is an excellent way to generate leads—and a great strategy to invest on.

9. Monitor your leads using efficient online tools

These lead gen tools and software allow you to quickly collect contact details for potential clients. They’re called “leads” and they typically come from your website or some other online source.

Lead generation tools allow for leads to be gathered automatically by collecting them directly from websites where they’re generated. These tools essentially automate the entire process for you so you don’t need to spend time doing things manually. You usually get people to sign up for something when they’re offered some kind of incentive. For example, if someone offers them a discount code, they might be willing to give their email address so they can receive the offer.

10. Be updated

Though evergreen content is important for businesses, it’s also essential to stay updated of the latest trends and trending topics. Users love fresh content—make sure to provide new content to engage your leads by doing in-depth research.

Create lead-generating online PDF forms with PlatoForms

Turning your marketing PDFs into online forms is now easier with PlatoForms. Maximize your lead generation efforts by letting your clients complete online PDF forms on surveys, questionnaires, or registrations. Start turning your PDFs into online forms today here.

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