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Why PlatoForms?


The Benefits of PDF Form

PDF retains a clean, contemporary and professional design regardless of reader, device or operating system. It supports a diverse range of colours, layouts, fonts and images for a seamless finish.

Fillable PDF's Don't Work

Even if your PDF is setup as a fillable document, it's unwise to send the PDF directly to your customers or colleagues as few people understand how to fill out and save the document. For instance, signing a PDF document using Adobe Acrobat can be tricky for those that are not IT savvy.

PlatoForms Can Help Create Forms From PDF

With PlatoForms, you can upload your PDF and, while retaining your document's original design, create an online form using our simple drag-and-drop tool. You can then send your customer a link to the form, and they can fill out the form efficiently. You will receive the completed form as a PDF.

Convert PDF to Fillable Form

PDF documents usually have a more complex design than online forms. With PlatoForms, you can have the best of both worlds as your customers and colleagues can fill out an easy-fill online form and, once complete, PlatoForms will generate a rich PDF document using your original layout and send it direct to your inbox.

5 Reasons to Convert Your PDF Forms to Fillable Forms

Is it time to convert your PDF forms into web forms? Read about the benefits of doing so, and how to do it on our blog.

How PlatoForms Works


online form builder for PDF

Upload Your PDF

Whether your PDF is a form or read-only document, we can turn it into an online form. That way, your customers don't have to waste time installing specialist software. Instead, they can simply fill out the online form.

Convert PDF form to web page

Design Your Form

Our drag-and-drop form builder is incredibly easy to use, helping you to create great looking forms effortlessly. Better still, PlatoForms retains the original design of your PDF – your document can be tweaked into web form, and ready to share in minutes.

online form builder for PDF

Share Your Form

When you’re happy with your form, you can embed the form into your website or share the URL directly with your customers. That way, your customers can fill out your form without having to worry about downloads or access as it will appear just like any other web page.

Convert PDF form to web page

Manage PDFs and Forms

You can search and sort the data effectively using our online system. Downloading, editing, deleting and recreating the PDF has never been so easy!

online form builder for PDF

PlatoForms Creates the PDF

When a customer submits your form in the web page, PlatoForms immediately creates the PDF with your design and your original PDF format is 100% retained. The filling-out PDF will be emailed to you. Don't forget to check the 'Notifications' when you sign-in!

Introducing PlatoForms


Fill Once, Generate Multiple PDF Files

Fill web form once, generate multiple PDF files Fill web form once, generate multiple PDF files

Complete Your PDF in a Workflow

Workflow for your PDF Fill your PDF in multiple steps

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What Our Customers Say


I was very impressed that, once completed, the data is searchable! We have hundreds of PDF's coming in every month so it's really handy to be able to find the PDF and information we need in seconds.
Some of our customers find filling out PDF documents daunting as they don't know how to download or use the appropriate software, which is why we choose to use PlatoForms. Our customers don't even know they're filling out a PDF!
I could never find a service that allowed you to keep the original PDF design while converting it into an online form, which is where PlatoForms excel. It makes monitoring customer responses quick and easy, too, as we don't have to search our inbox for attachments.