What Are the Pros and Cons of Slack?

Unveiling the advantages and disadvantages of using Slack for your business.
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Created as an internal tool until it’s used as a well-known chat and productivity SaaS by many (including the Fortune 100 businesses), that’s how Slack began its journey.

Since then, Slack has continued to transform the way teams communicate with each other, and as of today, 10 million-plus people use it.

With the work-from-home setup becoming more usual, Slack has become a helpful tool to reach out to teammates and even clients. With channels that help organize discussions and accessible design available both on mobile and desktop, most people find it more convenient to use than other communication apps.

This article will unveil more facts about Slack, now that it’s becoming one of the most used communications SaaS globally.

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Slack Key Features

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The right tool comes with the right features. And here are the key functionalities that many people love about Slack:

Pinning messages

I’m one of those million Slack users, and one thing that I love about it is that I can pin important messages like application log-ins, file links, or task instructions to channels. This feature allows the users to save time from scrolling and finding essential information they need.

If you’re a Slack user and you haven’t tried pinning messages then you’re losing half of its benefits!

Another thing that you’d love about Slack is that you can search through conversations. It helps you find the information you need in just a snap. By simply putting the keyword in the Slack search tab, you can find whatever you need, from files to essential meeting details.


Aside from being an effective communication tool, Slack is also known for helping companies achieve maximum productivity. With Slack, you can set reminders of important stuff like meetings, deadlines, and tasks, helping you stay on top of everything for your business. Not only does it benefit you, but you can also use the Reminder features to send notifications to your colleagues and clients.

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Channel collaborations

Slack isn’t just for internal communications; it helps collaborate with people outside your company too. In a paid plan, you’ll be able to create a shared channel where you can directly communicate with clients, freelancers, and other third-party individuals.

RSS Feeds

You can use Slack to share the latest news and essential information with your team by adding RSS feeds. With this feature, you and your team will be able to keep up with your favourite blogs and the latest trends within your niche.

Document tracking

What makes Slack more perfect for collaboration is that you can integrate it with your file management tools like Google Drive and Dropbox, allowing you to discuss and submit files within channels. In this way, you can easily find and share documents within your team.

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Slack indeed has a lot to offer for teams and given these exquisite features, below are the advantages you can get from using Slack for your business.

What are the advantages of using Slack for your team?

Saves time

Slack helps businesses save time in many ways. From allowing each team member to quickly interact with each other wherever they are, whatever device that they’re using to allowing them to search important subjects and files in just a few clicks. Not to mention that it’s super easy to use even without technical software experience.


Compared with other communication software, Slack has the most advantage when it comes to being organized. Given the channels that you can create, you can achieve a more harmonious workflow and collaboration. These channels allow you to organize departments individually and raise concerns only to people who are involved in a project or issue. It also has a clean interface that makes everything clear for users.

Useful for collaboration

Slack allows you to paste announcements, task instructions, and materials virtually within your team. From task executions to submissions, you can do them all within your Slack channels without any hassle making it perfect for collaboration.


Another Slack advantage that people love is that it’s easy to access both on desktops and mobile phones. You can download the application for free and start connecting with your team.

These numerous Slack advantages reveal why most teams prefer using Slack. However, even though Slack has been helping many companies, there are still some disadvantages that you should watch out for, and here are they:

What are the disadvantages of using Slack for your team?

Slack can be addictive

Slack can be addictive like Social Media apps. Be careful not to lurk into fun conversations with your teammates so much when you start using it. Always remember to keep your balance!

Limited storage

We all know how vital file transfer is in every process. Given that Slack has limited space for storage, you might find it a bit challenging to share the files when you reach the limit. (If you want more storage space, I suggest you subscribe to a paid plan.)

You have no idea if your message is seen

Just imagine how frustrating waiting for a response can be without even knowing if the person got your important message or not! That’s one thing that Slack hasn’t developed yet— the ability to let you know if the recipient sees your message. This Slack disadvantage sounds minor for some, while it’s a big deal for others since most of us demand urgent replies from time to time.

With proper knowledge and usage, Slack can be a powerful platform for your business. It might have its disadvantages but it still has its unique features and awesome benefits.

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