How To Make a Responsive PDF?

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making responsive fillable PDFs online

A website’s success depends on its responsive design, so as the PDF’s.

Some of us already know that PDF is a fixed file format–which means it fits any screen without compromising the layout. Although the format is beneficial for file-sharing, it’s somehow problematic for file editing; especially when viewing it on small screens. This is one of the reasons why aside from making PDFs fillable, it’s also important to make them responsive.

Unresponsive PDFs won’t just compromise the branding appearance of businesses, but also waste time.

Let’s suppose you’re using PDF formats for your business brochures, and you want everyone to read and access them easily. In this case, since you’re unsure if the readers can read your brochure on small screens, you are left with no other choice but to create different versions of one PDF to make sure it will work well on all devices.

It’s undoubtedly doable, but it will take a lot of work for you. With that said, it will always be a better choice to use and make a responsive fillable PDF. You can use the ways listed below to make responsive fillable PDFS.

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The benefits of responsive PDF

man making responsive fillable PDFs online

Aside from the benefits mentioned above, responsive PDFs have more to offer. Here are some of them:

It’s convenient

Compared to PDF fixed format, responsive PDFs are more accessible and convenient. People can open and edit it in just a few seconds without compromising the quality of the design. Whether you’re a Safari-type or Google-type of person, you can access it on any browser and device without hassle.

It’s cost-friendly

Responsive PDFs will surely fit with any device screen even without zooming it in. With that said, you won’t need to create new versions that’ll take time, and you won’t need to use other expensive tools just to edit it.

It improves the user experience

Responsive PDFs are very user-friendly. It loads quickly, is editable, and is easy to share with others—making people love it more than the traditional PDF format.

Higher conversion rates

People love searching and doing stuff using their mobile gadgets! If you want to cater to your customer’s needs—a responsive PDF will help! To add, if your forms are difficult to navigate and have a long loading time, there’s a bigger chance of them abandoning your forms. With that said, you have to make your PDF forms responsive for higher conversion rates.

It’s suitable for customer service

With responsive PDFs, you can quickly assist your customer’s needs . Since responsive PDFs are accessible through links, they enable people to open and send their concerns to you quickly.

Ways on how to make a responsive fillable PDF

clients scheduling through responsive web forms

Make online fillable PDF

Filling in PDFs is challenging until you meet the online fillable forms! Online fillable PDF forms are shareable PDFs that are more responsive. It’s accessible on any browser and device — no need to create different versions because it’ll surely fit in!

People can also put necessary information, transfer pages, and click buttons using online fillable PDFs.

Pro Tip: If you already have your file in a PDF format, you can turn it into a fillable form online through PlatoForms. PlatoForms is a PDF tool that allows you to upload and convert PDF files to fillable forms online. Click here to learn more.

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Convert your PDF into a web form

If you use PDFs in collecting information from people, the best way to make it responsive is to convert it to a web form. Web forms are accessible across all devices. Like PDFs, it also has a fixed immovable layout (when it comes to design!) but can remain very responsive.

Although it retains the original design of your PDF, online PDF forms can be a bit stiff and complex, especially if the design is complicated. Building a web form can improve the readability of your PDF through a more accessible interface.

Pro Tip: You can use PDF tools like PlatoForms to convert PDFs to web forms in just a few clicks!

Make responsive fillable PDFs with PlatoForms

You can never go wrong with the right tool. Save your time and budget by making responsive PDFs with PlatoForms. Platforms is a PDF tool that lets you make PDFs responsive and fillable online in just a few clicks. Try turning your fixed PDF into a responsive PDF online. Sign up here!

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