5 Ways PlatoForms Can Facilitate Your Education Needs

Whether you're a teacher or a student, PlatoForms is the go-to software for you.
Lexin-Ann Morales
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Online learning has completely turned the education system upside down.

Because of the pandemic and the heights of online classes, schools and teachers were surely challenged in teaching and data gathering and processing of online documents. Exams, enrollments, and registrations are all done online—and the use of online forms has become more important than ever.

In this article, we will discuss the challenges of educational facilities about the online processing of documents and how PlatoForms features can address these problems.

Table of Contents:

  1. The challenges of online learning
  2. PlatoForms For Your Education
  3. Start Turning Your PDFs to Online Forms and with PlatoForms

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Aside from turning your PDFs into fillable forms, there are also other ways PlatoForms can facilitate your education need. These include:

  • Send documents easily
  • Provide secured online forms
  • Set form availability and expiration
  • Send form invitation to students
  • Monitor your form submissions

The Challenges of Online Learning

While technology has enabled everyone to learn remotely, learning online is still tricky. Here are the everyday challenges of online learning, to mention a few:

Technical difficulties

With an online-only environment, technical issues are common. This includes internet connection problems, unexpected power outages, and sluggish computers. Aside from these common challenges, not everyone is adept at using computers—though using one is a must. Some teachers are still not used to creating exams online, and students need a reasonable amount of time to get used to it.

Quick solutions: Promote the use of backup and cloud drives for students and teachers to avoid inevitable situations. To add, it will be helpful to conduct consistent training and provide resources on how to utilize technology to help students, teachers, and even parents.

Limitation of tools

Online learning will evolve usage of online tools—and not every teacher and student are updated to the latest apps that can be used in e-learning. Maximizing online tools can allow teachers and learners to save time, organize projects, and keep track of tasks—and not having the right tools can be burdensome.

Quick solutions: Be updated on the latest apps and tools that you and students can use to maximize online learning, organization of files, and management of projects.

Pro tip: PlatoForms is a PDF software that allows you to create online forms for your students. With our education-friendly features, you can convert your PDFs to online forms, turn your learning PDFs into fillable forms, and more. Learn more here.

Data security

Online learning has its biggest cons—and one of these is data security. From enrollment to taking exams, every type of school transaction was transferred online, including the transferring of data and information.

Quick solutions: Be wary of the data policy in each tool that you will use. Don’t forget to set passwords for security during video calls or audio meetings. When sending examinations and online forms that students should fill out, set up passwords and form expiry for data safety.

Pro tip: Aside from allowing you to turn PDFs into fillable forms, you can also set a password for your online forms with PlatoForms. Refer to this page for instructions.

Aside from these challenges, data organization is also an essential issue that we overlook until a problem goes wrong. It has also become difficult for teachers to monitor exams and online submissions from students. Because of this, it can be hard to monitor data—from student applications to online clearances.

With PlatoForms, you can now do more than just turn your PDFs into online forms. Our features will allow you to convert your PDFs to online forms and facilitate your education needs.

PlatoForms For Your Education

Send documents easily

Sending documents online can be tricky—from student applications, form approvals, online clearances, just to mention a few. Using Microsoft Word and Google Docs might sound like a solution that can do the trick, but using several apps can confuse teachers. With our workflow feature, you don’t have to use many tools just to send the same forms to different people—you can just build a workflow and let different people in your department fill it out for one smooth process.

Once you’ve turned your PDFs into online forms with PlatoForms, you can send them easily with a link or embed its code on your website.

Provide secured online forms

Relying on your computer storage is not the best option—thankfully, our online forms can be integrated with your chosen cloud drive. Whether you’re using Google Drive or DropBox for storage, you can now save your online forms from inevitable computer viruses and disaster. To add icing on the cake, it will be easy to pull out student data within minutes—finally, no need to go through several folders to do that.

Pro tip: Convert your PDFs to online forms and send them to your students with a password for added security. Learn more here.

Set form availability and expiration

As a teacher, it’s important to set the availability of your online forms to avoid duplicates. You can set the availability and expiration of your forms with PlatoForms—you can enable this in our form invitation feature. Not only can you turn your PDFs into online forms, but you can also send them and set their availability on your preferred date and time.

Save your forms automatically

Your online forms can be frustrating when not automatically saved, especially when in huge numbers. No matter how much we hate it, inevitable moments always happen—such as accidental closing of tabs, power outages, or even sudden computer shutdowns. Your online forms are automatically saved through our form invitation feature—so you don’t have to save every single thing anymore manually.

Pro tip: Aside from turning your PDFs to online forms, you can also know how to enable automatic saving of your online forms here.

Monitor your form submissions

Done converting your PDFs to online forms? Once you’ve finished turning your PDFs into online forms, you are now ready to send them to your students—and monitor them. Sending multiple forms to different students can be overwhelming and difficult to track, but now it can be easier with the help of the form submissions feature.

With this feature, you can easily keep track of:

  • Your students’ submissions data
  • Your workflow progress
  • Re-check any submission revisions done
  • Download PDFs
  • Re-generate PDFs
  • Delete PDFs

Lastly, it will be easier for you to monitor your form submissions by exporting the raw data of submissions in CSV format.

Start Turning Your PDFs to Online Forms and with PlatoForms

It will only take a minute for you to sign up—let PlatoForms do the job for you. By turning your PDFs into online forms and sending them out to your students, you can save time, energy and even boost productivity. Start building your online forms with us today!

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