30 Questions You Can Use For Your Customer Feedback Form [FREE TEMPLATE]

Improve your customer feedback form with these questions.
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A quote from British cycling coach Sir David Drailsford once said: “Clear feedback is the cornerstone of improvement,” couldn’t be more relatable for businesses. Feedback, whether good or bad, can be a business’ powerful tool. Aside from giving you clear ideas on improving your products and services, it can also help you evaluate your employees.

If you’re a business owner, the best people to approach when it comes to getting reliable feedback are those who use your products and services— also known as your customers. Customers, as the heartbeat of every enterprise, play a crucial role in improving your business. As they’re the ones who consume and pay for your products, they can give honest and straightforward comments about what you offer.

Long ago, people used paper and boxes to collect feedback from their customers. Now, you can create, share and collect customer feedback online.

How is this possible?

That’s where the online customer feedback form comes in. Through online customer feedback forms, you can quickly gather comments from your customers whenever and wherever they are. Aside from that, customer feedback forms also help you manage and organize the comments you receive online; no printing and paper forms are needed.

If you want to elevate your business and grow your sales through clear customer feedback, you should carefully create your customer feedback form by picking the right questions. To help you get started, below is the list of thirty questions you can use to get clear feedback from your clients.

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30 Questions You Can Use For Your Customer Feedback Form

1. Have you tried a competitor’s product? If yes, which product do you like better?

This question will help you get a clear view of your product against your competitors. It’ll help you determine whether your product is performing well or if you have to exert more effort in your product development.

2. Which of the following words will you use to describe our product?

In this question, you’ll give them descriptive choices (both positive and negative descriptive words) to be associated with your product’s performance. This type of question will help you know how your customers view your product and take your next steps for improvement.

3. Can you rate the ease of use from 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest?

Convenience is crucial to your customers. It has a significant impact on their decision-making and buying process. Feedback form questions like this will help you ensure they get the convenience they deserve.

4. Do you consider our product a good value for money?

This question is best to use if you want to measure how price competitive your products and services are. It’ll help you adjust your pricing and let you know whether to add more features to make your product fit its pricing.

5. Is our website easy to access?

If you want to improve your online marketing, this is one question to ask your buyers. It’ll enable you to identify if you need to change and improve something on your online store or website.

6. How did you usually purchase our product? Online or Offline?

With this question, you’ll learn the buying behavior of your customers. If you’re not selling your products online yet and planning to start it, you should consider adding this to your customer feedback form.

7. What type of transaction do you prefer? Online or Offline?

Do you want to level up and go online? Before making that decision, you should know what your clients have to say first, so ensure you include this question on your feedback form.

8. Do you find everything you need to learn about our product and support services on our page and website?

It’s every business’s responsibility to inform the clients well about the products, their benefits, side effects, etc. How do you know if your clients are well-informed through your website? Ask them this type of question.

9. Do you feel safe transacting with us online?

With lots of online scams and data breaching reports, you must set your customer’s safety in place, so make time to ask if they feel safe while transacting with you online. With this, you can take the actions necessary to keep your online transactions safe for them.

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10. Would you like us to change our online payment app?

You can use this question to check for your customer’s online payment experience. It lets you know if the payment app you’re partnering with is worth it and works well for your client.

11. What do you think of our website design?

Your website speaks so much about your business too, so you must also work on improving it, especially if you run your business online. It’s not enough that you and your design team decide about your website improvements. You must also seek your customers’ insights to assist them better. Remember, better assistance means better customer relationships!

12. Have you contacted our support team?

This question asks whether your client has contacted your support team, so you can ask them the follow-up question written on number thirteen.

13. If you’ve contacted our support team, how well would your rate the support given (on a scale of 1 to 10)?

Building up your support team and improving the type of support you give to clients is crucial in growing your business. Most clients patronize a brand because they love the support and assistance they get. If you want to ensure that you’re giving the kind of support your customers need, you’ll include this question in your online feedback form.

14. Do we provide everything you need to use the most out of our products/services? If not, can you tell us what we’re lacking?

Using this question in your customer feedback form helps you determine what exactly is lacking with your product information. It’s designed to allow clients to freely express the support they need as they use your products and services.

15. Do you feel comfortable talking to our customer service personnel?

Use this question to assess your customer service personnel and know if you’re providing good customer service to people.

16. Can you tell us about your customer service experience with our company?

Customer experience plays a vital role in retaining your customers. Send them customer service feedback forms with questions (like this one!) that allow them to speak personally about their experience (whether it’s good or bad).

17. What do you like the most about our customer service?

Use this question to specifically ask for the things your clients love about the customer service you provide. Knowing the strengths of your customer service lets you retain the goods and improve them more in future transactions.

18. What do you find good in other products that you didn’t see in our product?

If you aim to improve your products and make them more competitive in the market, ask your customers about the good qualities and features they observed in other products.

19. Do you like the packaging of our product?

A direct question answerable by yes or no? Its primary purpose is to get insights on whether to improve your product’s packaging or not.

20. State some specific recommendations about our packaging.

This question helps you lessen the research work, providing clear and direct answers based on your client’s packaging preference. Additionally, the responses you gather from this type of question will aid in improving your product packaging.

21. On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely would you use our product again?

This question helps you gather information about your customer’s satisfaction with your product or service. It’s also a perfect question to ask if your product performs well.

22. How often do you use our product?

This question helps you gather information about your customer’s satisfaction with your product or service. It’s also a perfect question to ask, so you’ll know if your product is performing well.

23. How would you improve our product if you were in our place?

This product improvement question gives you an overview of how a customer would like to see your product. It helps you gather enough information on how to develop your product in a way that your customer will love.

24. Does our product serve its purpose well?

Learn exactly how your product performs from your customers’ view by asking them this question.

25. After using our product, do you still consider using other brands?

This question lets you know if your customers are satisfied with what you offer. If they’re still up to trying other brands, maybe they’re still looking for other elements they don’t see upon using your product/service.

26. Are you a (name of the product) user?

This product survey question helps you gather the number of people interested in the kind of product that you’re going to launch.

27. How often do you use (name of the product)?

This product survey question determines how fond a customer is of a product you’ll sell in the future.

28. Name the top brands of (name of the product) you use.

Through this question, you can get the name of your possibly top competitors so you can study them and their strategies before launching your product.

29. Which brands would you consider the next time you buy (name of the product)?

Are you working on product development? Just like question number twenty-eight, you can use this question to learn more about your future competitors.

30. Where do you use this product?

This question helps you get creative juices from your customers. Many customers do not use products for one purpose only. Surprisingly, they come up with out-of-the-box ideas on how to use the products they purchase, which, on the other hand, can help you come up with other ideas on how to improve your products and services too.

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When should you send a customer feedback form?

Another thing you should know about customer feedback forms is the right time to send them. Like any other marketing approach, sending customer forms requires proper timing. It’s recommended that you send your customer feedback form up to one day after providing the service or closing the purchase.

You must get your client’s feedback immediately after they make a purchase or acquire a service from you so they can still have the best memory of their experience. While it’s good to send the feedback form right after the purchase, twenty-four hours is better because it gives them enough time to at least use the products or test and see the results after trying out your services.

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