PlatoForms Year in Review: How We Reinvented Your Form Building Experience This 2022

Thank you for making this year more awesome!
Lexin-Ann Morales
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Happy new year

2022 was a roller coaster ride for PlatoForms!

If we’re describing our 2022 in a few words, it’ll be: a new product launch, more blog categories, and outstanding award recognitions. 🏆

We’re excited to highlight some of these achievements and share this with you!

Here’s what our 2022 looked like—and we’re looking forward to more awesomeness for 2023!

The birth of FormCan: The next-generation form builder


This year, we launched FormCan, the next-generation form builder.

We wanted to reinvent the old way of building forms and elevate it on the next level—I mean, who wants to stay in the cave with all these old-looking and clunky form builders?

FormCan is built for a few reasons:

To make a modern, sleek, and beautiful form builder: Some form tools nowadays seem to come straight from the dinosaur era—laggy and old-fashioned. When we built FormCan, all we were thinking about was: Can we actually make a form builder that doesn’t look old school (and feel old-school) at all? We know modernization of software should also reflect in appearance—that’s why it’s a priority!

Take what-you-see-is-what-you-get model seriously: We want to make your WYSIWYG model attainable, that’s why we made a live preview feature for FormCan. Now, you can make changes right away and see them in instant.

Save your time: We value your time. We know creating forms from scratch can be time consuming, that’s why we made ready-to-use templates that you can use for your forms. In need of forms for your event? Christmas party? Or weekend BBQ? Browse through our pre-made templates to save your time!

Help you save money: There’s no point in paying for features that you don’t need. FormCan isn’t a plan-based software: You can choose the features you need the most and customize them based on your preference. Imagine how much you’d save bucks from only paying your needed features—goodbye gold, silver, and bronze monthly plans!

We’re in ProductHunt 🥳

Product Hunt

Of course, launching wouldn’t be complete without ProductHunt launch! We’re so thankful for the comments and sign-ups on the first day of our launch—a big thank you to everyone who checked us out on ProductHunt!

We’re also big in AppSumo 🌮


You heard that right, Sumo-lings!

We also launched FormCan in AppSumo, one of the leading sites for tool geeks and businesses who are on the hunt for a perfect product every day. Launching in AppSumo was super awesome for us—thank you to the Sumo-lings who quickly checked our product out for a spin. We know how much you love FormCan from the start, we wouldn’t gather a 4.6 rating if not!

Our blog categories grew a lot this year 💡

Blog category

We revamped our blog sections into something more impressive this year—this time, more specific and helpful for our readers. We know that our users are in different industries, and that’s why we made our resources more curated. Whether you’re looking for productivity tips or marketing insights, you can simply browse our blogs for references.

Blog category

Our ‘product’ blog category also helps a lot in your form building journey! If you’re a PlatoForms user still making your way to our product, this page is your best friend. Packed with topics about PDFs and PlatoForms features, keeping yourself updated with the latest blog posts here will let you learn a thing or two.

Together with our blog categories, our blogs also skyrocketed this year. We published over 61 blogs throughout the year—higher than 2021!

We offered our first free template this year ✅


To further help you create the most efficient online forms, we made a blog that includes a free template of questions you can use for your customer feedback form. Creating customer feedback forms isn’t easy—and formulating questions can be confusing, so make sure to check this free resource to level up your customer feedback forms!

Because of you, we’re recognized 🏆

Capterra review

This year’s most fantastic highlight goes to the awards we received. This 2022, our users got us named as one of the best free PDF software and a category leader for a PDF software, in the 8th spot!

This wouldn’t be possible without you, our users, who left us wonderful reviews and shining stars. Having reviews that are higher than 3.0 as of February 2022, it became possible for us to be one of the PDF products with the highest ratings compared to others not listed. To add, PlatoForms also met Capterra’s software market definition of “Best PDF”: “PDF software enables viewing, creating, merging, and manipulating files in PDF format. PDF software is related to Document Management software and Productivity software”; thus, making us one of the best PDF software in the market today.

It’s also worth noting that we have achieved 5 stars rating in each of GetApp’s key areas in the category leader for PDF software, such as ease of use, value for money, functionality, customer support, and likelihood to recommend. Because our solutions aren’t limited to a specific category and continue to be relevant to all software users across every industry or field, we made it to be a category leader this 2022.

We’re on the lookout for how we can improve our services more, so it would be great if you can give us a review. We promise to make our features more exceptional, so let your voice be heard through reviews! 😎

From the PlatoForms team: Thank you for a very awesome year!

Thank you for being a part of our 2022! We’re excited to release more amazing features, informational content, new product improvements, and a lot of resources next year. From the PlatoForms team to you: Thank you for an amazing 2022—we’re ready to jump to 2023!

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