Manage Holiday Events with 5 Streamlined Online Form Templates

Holidays usually make your list of to-do's pile up! Shorten it using these holiday form templates.
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Christmas decors and a holiday form templates

Amidst the hustle of the holidays, running a business, managing online sales, and organizing festive events can be overwhelming. With an abundance of tasks, from creating invitations to planning promotions and more, we understand the challenges you face.

To alleviate the holiday rush, we’ve curated a collection of efficient online form templates. Designed to save you time, these templates ensure you can navigate the holiday season smoothly while enjoying the festivities.

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Thanksgiving invitation

Thanksgiving Invitation Template

This season is not only about giving gifts and receiving bonuses, it’s also a season when people throw Thanksgiving parties. This is to show how thankful they are and ponder upon their victories in the months that passed.

Are you planning to have a Thanksgiving party at home or the office? You can now invite your friends and colleagues even without meeting them face to face. Yes, that’s right!

You can quickly send them an invitation using this Thanksgiving Invitation Template. After publishing this form, you’ll get a shareable link you can send through your email or other social media channels.

Christmas costume contest registration form

Christmas Party Costume Contest Registration Form Template

If you’re from the Human Resources Department, which usually organizes events and contests, this template will help you save more time and energy.

This Christmas Party Costume Contest Registration Form Template is well-designed (with a Christmas winter theme! ) and ready-made. In just a few seconds, you can have your registration form ready and share them with your team.

Gift giving donation form

Gift Giving Donation Form Template

Since it’s the season of giving, many of us want to share what we have with people, especially with the kids. More organizations are now planning and executing Gift Giving events, and if you’re one of them, this donation form template will make solicitations easier.

This template comes with a simple design and fields you usually see on donation forms. Aside from that, you can also connect it to Paypal or Stripe to make the process flow smoother and more efficiently.

Now that you can collect donations online, you can reach a larger group of people with generous hearts.

Christmas decoration order form

Christmas Decoration Order Form Template

Selling Christmas decorations online? Improve your sales process using this Christmas Decoration Order Form Template.

Embeddable to your website and shareable to your social media channels, it’ll help you take online orders in a better way. It is designed with fields and sections you need for a smoother sales process- calculation logic, product image section, and more!

Year-end party registration form

Year-end party registration form template

Now that the year is soon to end, most of us are starting to organize or attend year-end parties to embrace the new year that is to come and to celebrate the good things that happened this year.

If you’re one of the busybodies who organize the said event, then this form could be a big help.

Through this holiday form template, you’re able to collect the attendee information online, meaning you don’t need to set up a booth or visit each of your team’s desks to ask for their details and confirm their attendance.

There you have it! These online form templates are designed to make your life easier and help you enjoy more this coming holiday. Try them now to save time and energy.

Pro Tip: These form templates are highly configurable, meaning you can quickly edit them and add personalized details for a better user experience.

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