Why Your Business Needs Master Forms Today

Sheim Palmes
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Filling out many business forms with the same information is tiring. With a pen and stack of papers at hand, can you imagine how much energy and time you will save from writing these papers with the same name, address, contact number, and so on? Thankfully, with Master Forms by PlatoForms, we don’t have to print papers and write the same information to numerous forms again.

What is a Master Form?

Master Form is a centralized file system and master document that can be used to generate multiple PDF forms with the same information. This feature provides convenience by enabling you to fill one PDF form and produce multiple copies from it. Our Master Forms aims to change the old school way of filling out several PDF form files with the same information–with this feature, all you have to do is convert or create your PDF and fill out one form, and the data will merge into multiple PDF files using the given info–centralizing the files into one system.

How can I build a Master Form To Organize My Business Forms?

You can easily build a Master Form to merge all the information you need and combine them in one form. Learn to build a master file for your multiple PDFs using our simple drag ‘n' drop form building system here:

Once you’ve built the Master Form, just upload the PDF file to link it to the Master Form you built. After uploading it, map out the fields from the Master Form to the newly uploaded PDF to create a linked PDF. The best thing? You can link many online PDF files to the Master Form as much as you want!

After linking PDF forms to the Master Form, it’s time to publish it along with the linked PDFs. Our system generates a shared URL or an embedded script to allow the online form to be shared with other users. Upon sharing this link, your customers can input their information onto the PDF forms. The data that they will input will be used to generate all of the linked PDFs.

These linked PDFs would retain all the duplicate data so that you would not have to refill it all in with each business form and online form.

Once your customers submit the online business fillable forms, you will receive a zip attachment that contains the linked PDFs via email. Additionally, you can also see it in the submissions button, allowing you to view or download the PDFs.

How can a master document like Master Form Help My Business?

  • Save time from filling out too many forms with the same information

Now, you don’t have to fill out every single PDF form online with the same information again. Our Master Form helps you to create a master file, fill out forms once, and generate multiple copies!

  • Share your PDF forms easily

Share your online fillable forms with your colleagues with our shareable link–this link is accessible for everyone.

Clearly, PlatoForms makes PDF to web form operation much smoother and less complicated. We also archive all the revised information in your forms so that if you need to, you can audit all of the modifications.

Need an online PDF form builder that is quick, safe, and easy? PlatoForms is your solution.

Learn more about our Master Forms here.

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