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Can I copy and reuse an old form to add new information


I spent days making a complex online form. Now I need to include new info. Is there a way to sidestep the process of starting from scratch? Can I copy and reuse an existing form to create a new one with updated details?


Absolutely! The clone feature comes to the rescue, allowing you to duplicate the old form and conveniently integrate new information into the revised online form.

What is clone feature? It helps you duplicate an existing form into a new one. This works for all types of forms in PlatoForms, like online web forms and online PDF forms. Upon cloning, the new form retains all original fields, form logic, and settings.

How to clone a form?

Here‘re concise steps for form cloning:

  1. Choose the form you want to clone from Dashboard.

  2. Click Clone Form.

  3. Set up the clone options as needed.

  4. Give the cloned form a new name.

For detailed steps, check the Clone a form section in the User Documentation.

Video tutorial

You can also refer to the video tutorial:

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