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How to manage form availability and expiration


Can I schedule my online forms to be available only during specific dates and times, and automatically expire after a set duration?


Absolutely! PlatoForms lets you control when your online forms are available and when they expire. Here’s how:

Set a timer

To set a timer, access the Form Settings panel from the form builder:

  1. Click the dot (•••) icon in the top left and select Form Settings.

    Form Settings

    You’ll open the Form Settings panel.

  2. Scroll down to the time and date selector.

    Time and date selector

  3. Specify your preferred time and date for form availability and expiration.

    Specify preferred time and date

    The date and time are in your time zone, which you can adjust in your profile settings.

  4. (Optional) Set two redirect links: one for when the form is not yet available to fill, and another for when the form has expired.

    Set redirect links

    Redirect links guide respondents to the specified website when accessing the form outside the set availability window.

Video tutorial

You can also refer to the video tutorial:

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