Online Form Hacks: How To Connect Your Online Fillable PDF Forms on Google Drive

Maximizing Google Drive while organizing your online PDF forms using this hack.
Sunny Gonzales
Reading time: 2 minutes.

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Did you know that you can automatically save every piece of data entered into your online PDF form to your Google Drive? Thanks to technological innovation, you can now use tools like PlatoForms to make fillable PDFs and connect them to your cloud drive.

Using PlatoForms automation, skipping the data entry task that usually takes you hours (especially when there are lots of data to encode) is made possible. Whether you’re a school registrar trying to get student data and organize them in one place or a salesperson using spreadsheets for your sales reports, this hack could help you save time and energy. Sounds productive, isn’t it?

Excited to get rid of that tedious data entry task? Let’s get working.

How to connect my online fillable forms to my Google Drive?

To help you quickly connect your online fillable PDFs to your Google Drive, we created a step-by-step guide below.

  1. Before anything else, make sure that you are logged in to your PlatoForms and Google Drive accounts. It is also recommended that you prepare the folder/s you’d use to organize your data. If you don’t have accounts on these apps yet, then go ahead and create one.
  2. Go to PlatoForms dashboard and find the online PDF form that you would like to connect to your Google Drive.
  3. Once you find the PDF form, click on the gear icon located in its upper right corner, and you’ll see a dropdown option. From the dropdown option, look for, and click Cloud Drive.

PlatoForms PDF tool dashboard

  1. After the Cloud Drive application options window pops up, go to the Google Drive tab and toggle on Connect.

connect PlatoForms PDF tool to Google Drive

  1. When the authorization window appears, click on Allow. Make sure that you’re using the right Google account.

connect PlatoForms PDF tool to Google Drive

  1. Now that you’ve authorized the account you’ll use to organize your data, set the folder where you want to store them, and toggle on the settings based on your preferences.

For example, if you want to upload even the attachment files that the user submits, then toggle on Upload Attachment Files. The same goes for the other options.

PlatoForms PDF tool settings

You should also note that if you toggle on Create Subfolder, then you have to set up the name of that subfolder.

Pro Tip: You can set and use the name of your online form’s fields as subfolder names. We created a detailed guide here.

Once you’re satisfied with your connection settings, click Save. It’s also important to test if the settings are applied and if it’s already working on your online PDF form.

We hope these steps are helpful! If you’re using other cloud drive storage, you can check our FAQ for more details.

Connect your online fillable forms to your cloud drive with PlatoForms

It’s time to maximize PlatoForms Online PDF tool by connecting your fillable PDF forms to your cloud drive applications. PlatoForms is an app that helps you convert PDF files to fillable PDFs online. After converting or creating online fillable PDFs, you can set and connect them to your most used cloud drive app in just a few simple steps. Save your time now by signing up here.

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