Revolutionize Your Business With an Online PDF Software

The benefits of using PDF software for companies are boundless—that's why it's a must for every industry.
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Is your business at its peak efficiency?

When an internal process is powered by organized workflows and productive employees, companies save time and money. However, no matter how productive your employees are, sometimes it’s just not enough to do the trick.

With the help of PDF software, your business can achieve so much more than you thought of–saving not just time and money, but also making room for an improved and optimized internal process.

How PDF software can revolutionize businesses:

  • Faster approval process
  • More effective lead generation
  • Easier document sharing for customers and team members
  • Smoother hiring process
  • Convenient survey taking
  • No more waiting for long lines
  • Improved reservation and booking

What is PDF software?

Basically, PDF software is an online tool that allows you to open and view PDFs. Since PDF is pretty popular in every industry, there are tons of PDF software in the market that offers basic features that you can use for your PDFs. However, not all tools maximize the use of PDF–some just allow you to open PDF, not edit them. Since PDF is not editable, it can be difficult to customize it with basic PDF software found on the internet. To take advantage of PDF’s full potential, it will be better to look for PDF software that can allow you to turn your PDFs into fillable forms, convert PDFs to web forms, or even customize them in accordance with your preference.

How can PDF software revolutionize your business?

Faster approval process

By using PDF software, your approval process will be much easier and faster than before. Since your physical files will be taken online, the signing of documents can be done anywhere, anytime. No need to spend money on travel, logistics, and delivery costs.

More effective lead generation

By turning your PDFs into fillable forms, you can make interactive survey forms that your customers will love. PDF can be difficult to use for some, but with the help of software that can convert PDFs to web forms, you can create easy web forms that can improve your lead strategy.

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Easier document sharing for customers and team members

Thanks to online tools, you don’t have to send paper documents manually via logistics or delivery. Instead, you can just scan your paper files, convert them to PDFs, then convert these PDFs to forms. This way, you can send it to your customers and team members through a shareable link, or through email for convenience.

Smoother hiring process

The hiring process for human resources employees can be tiresome with the use of numerous paper forms. HR departments would usually collect applicant data from different forms, print them out, and distribute them to different people in the department for approval. PDF software eliminates this tedious process, replacing it with automation.

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Convenient survey taking

Researchers and students can now conduct surveys online, thanks to PDF software and online tools. They can convert PDFs to web forms, create fillable survey forms, and send them to subjects online in minutes. This way, survey takers don’t have to distribute survey forms physically. Aside from the automated survey process, they can also keep track of the survey answers.

No more waiting for long lines

PDF software eliminates waiting for long lines–whether on a bank, school enrollments, or hotel reservations. You can now make fillable PDFs online, maximize your PDF forms by turning these PDFs into web forms, paste them on your business website, or just send it online through a link. Besides saving time, you will also improve your customer satisfaction rate and business sales.

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Improved reservation and booking

The reservation and booking processes of hotels and restaurants aren’t supposed to take so much time. With the use of PDF software, hospitality businesses can make their data gathering more accurate and faster. Online reservations and bookings decrease human errors, preventing inaccurate information. To add, there is no need to spend business costs on printing materials and paper.

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PlatoForms for your business

PlatoForms is PDF software that lets you do so much more than opening and editing PDFs. Our features will help you revolutionize your business–making it more efficient and productive. Aside from turning PDFs into fillable forms, you can also create and convert PDFs to web forms that you can send to your customers right away. Whether you’re sending an order form or conducting an online survey, PlatoForms got your back. Know how our features can help your business today.

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