Three Ways to Improve Productivity and Sales

It takes more than productivity and collaboration to boost sales--you need a powerful workflow that can do the job.
Lexin-Ann Morales
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The advancement of technology has helped businesses scale in a span of short time. With the help of productivity and management tools, companies can now maximize the use of the internet to push the boundaries of their efficiency. Now, it’s possible to do business transactions online as remote work continues to rise. However, productivity is just a step into boosting company sales. To maximize the company’s productivity and improve business sales as well, here are some tips that you can consider:

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1. Assess your current workflow {#assess_workflow}

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Conducting an observation and assessment with your current process can help you determine what needs to be improved. In assessing workflow, Rassmussen University provided ways to evaluate one’s workflow in a clinic setting. According to the article, workflow refers to the who, what, where, and how things are done. Consider asking yourself these questions:

  • What is the current situation?
  • Who performs specific tasks?
  • What are the resources used?
  • What supervision is involved?
  • What is working / not working?

This way, you can get a glimpse of how your current workflow is doing or if there’s a process that needs to be improved. Additionally, you can also create a flow chart to visualize the current process and strategize the next steps.

To add, brainstorming is everything. Sitting down with your colleagues and discussing what needs to be done can help the company know what to do and what needs to be eliminated.

2. Leverage technology to consistently improve {#leverage_technology}

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From spreadsheets to organizing to-do lists, productivity and management tools have helped companies maximize what technology can offer to improve business continuity. Aside from these tools, companies can also take advantage of technology to save more time and business costs. Some examples of this include:

- Instead of buying supplies directly from long-distance shops, you can try to order supplies online. Not only do you save time, but you’d also save business costs from delivery, paperwork, and more.

- Using software applications to perform inventory or manage tasks can help you save from hiring people.

- Companies which use and complete PDF forms online through PlatoForms to automate the manual sending of paper forms.

Aside from automation, using technology can help companies to provide accurate output and efficient work. Humans are inevitable to make errors, whereas machines aren’t. By using machines, automated quality control can allow organizations to produce an error-free output, saving costs from mistakes and revisions.

3. Boost Sales with PlatoForms Workflow {#platoforms_workflow}

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In our previous blogs, we talked about the importance of our workflow feature in team collaboration and maximum productivity. PlatoForms doesn’t only offer features where you can convert and submit your PDF forms online but also to increase productivity. Through workflow, we’re getting rid of the usual long process in the company–instead, the traditional multiple transactions now just become one. Using the workflow feature from PlatoForms makes completing PDF forms online much easier, allowing you to save business costs and boost sales. Here’s how you can increase sales with the help of our workflow:

Save business costs

With workflow, a single PDF can be filled out by different people in multiple steps. An excellent example of this is a real-estate form that needs to be filled out by three people: the buyer, the real estate agent, and the manager. Once the buyer is finished filling out the form, the real-estate agent will fill it out with other details and submit it to the manager for a final signing. Instead of printing three papers, the transaction involves one PDF that is sent to each other. This way, you don’t have to spend money on paper and printing supplies.

Save time

By using workflow, you don’t have to wait too long for someone to finish the form. Instead of waiting for a long time and handling the paper forms to the next person that will fill it out, you can now send the finished PDF within seconds through email or a shareable link. Clients can also submit their PDF forms to you at any time. This way, you don’t have to spend so much time sending the form manually or even paying for logistics or couriers.

Reduce errors

Errors are costly. Using paper forms is vulnerable to human mistakes such as wrong spellings or misinformation–instead of getting another form to start over, you can easily edit and complete your PDF forms online right away. Additionally, paper forms are easily lost–this is crucial, especially for documents that contain sensitive and confidential information. Through the workflow feature by PlatoForms, you can submit PDF forms online easily with peace of mind.

Save money from expensive tool training

The workflow feature by PlatoForms won’t require you to spend time and business costs on training your employees on how to use it. With its easy and drop-and-down tools, completing PDF forms online isn’t complicated–learning how to use it will take a couple of minutes.

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Improve your productivity and sales through PlatoForms

Complete your PDF forms online quickly now by building workflow for your organization. Refer to the video below for more detailed instructions and boost more sales for your company!

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