Improve Your Company’s Workflow Efficiency With These Steps

Taking the time to enhance your company's workflow efficiency will lead to your business success.
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Small or big, companies need to improve their workflow efficiency to achieve success. With an organized workflow, organizations can reduce errors, increase productivity, and maximize collaboration. Improving workflow efficiency sounds easy–but it’s crucial for businesses and organizations to do it. We gathered some tips on how you can obtain an organized workflow–and why it’s important for companies to use PlatoForms online form workflow for their business.

Streamline internal process

The first step to improving your internal process is to assess your current workflow in the company. Knowing what the current situation is helping you evaluate what to improve and what to do next. Evaluate your organization’s workflow by observing what works and what slows you down. Aside from observing, it is also important to see things from a different perspective–the only way to achieve this is to ask for an employee’s feedback. A study by OfficeVibe reveals:

  • 65% of employees want feedback
  • 4 out of 10 workers are disengaged when they get no feedback

Feedback plays an important role in keeping employees not just efficient but also engaged– for it gives us a sense of purpose knowing that we’re appreciated or valued. The human resources department can invent ways to gain feedback from employees by conducting monthly surveys.

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List goals

Successful companies set specific, measurable, achievable, and timely goals to drive motivation and set expectations in the organization. With the right goal setting, your team is more organized and transparent to what’s expected of them as employees. Listing goals and being specific on how you can achieve them improves not just the motivation of the employees but also helps them enhance their efficiency. Once goals are established, you can measure your organization’s success, and know what to improve next.

Improve communication

An article from Harvard Business Review states that communication is important and crucial for it affects all aspects of the company.

Healthy relationships come from good communication–especially in a business setting. While it’s essential to use workflow tools to achieve efficiency, communication is one of the best ways to collaborate with your team. Improving communication in the company doesn’t mean consistent meetings, but making the communication more efficient and productive. Some of the ways to improve communication in the workplace are:

Keep the team’s workflow transparent

It’s important for an organization to set a clear tone about deadlines and tasks, who are the assignees, and what the goals are. It will be easier for everyone to keep track of the project if it’s organized–you can do this using project management tools or CRMs.

Improve communication with modern tools

Emails used to be the go-to communication back in the day–now, we can communicate using different channels such as Slack, Zoom, and more. This can help your organization to communicate not just about work, but also do quick chats about random stuff or even send emojis and dog pictures to the group.

Establish an honest and open culture

Communication is not easy–it has to come from a strong foundation of trust and transparency. Make sure to set the tone in establishing an honest culture–provide coaching, 1:1, and regular meetings to build the team’s expectations. One-on-one conversations are helpful for the discussion of private matters–they can also help your team to build their trust in you and the organization.

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Take advantage of workflow software and productivity tools

The best thing about the innovation of technology and the internet is its ability to cut the manual process. Organizations can freely do so much more with the help of online productivity tools such as tracking projects, collaborating online, using digital storage, and more. Workflow software and various online productivity tools truly helped companies to save time, cost, and get rid of the traditional slow workflow.

Take PlatoForms as an example–our PDF solutions aim to optimize every department of your organization by getting rid of the manual work. From converting PDFs to web forms to allowing you to complete PDF forms online, you can finally get rid of the manual and start embracing automation. Additionally, our software can allow you to turn PDFs into fillable forms, collect Stripe payments in forms, and make PDF fillable online.

Our features are built to help you keep track of your online PDF workflow forms, enhance your form-filling experience with our workflow tool, and send forms easily.

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Using PlatoForms online form workflow for workflow efficiency

It would be impossible to achieve efficiency in the company without using an actual efficient workflow. You need an online form workflow that can help you improve your internal process in the company–one that can provide simplified steps for an easier business flow. Aside from our online form pdf workflow feature, our other features listed below aim to help your organization achieve efficiency:

  • PlatoForms PDF Online Forms. Whether you need to collect information or gather survey data, you can use our PDF Online Forms to digitalize your PDF documents. A feature that you convert PDF to online forms, you don’t have to stick to the old process of scanning documents, uploading them on Adobe Acrobat, and manually sending them to your members. Our PDF Online Forms are compatible with any browser –and mobile-friendly, too!
  • PlatoForms Web forms. While the PDF Online Form is your exact PDF design, web forms are the easier and cleaner version of this PDF. You can use this feature to convert your PDFs to web forms for an enhanced form completion experience.
  • PlatoForms Workflow. We designed a feature for the efficiency of your internal process–the workflow. Workflow, from the name itself, is created to streamline your business workflow. This online form workflow saves your time internally by allowing different users to complete a form in multiple steps. If you need three or more people to complete your PDF, our workflow software will be beneficial for you–you don’t have to produce separate documents that need to be distributed to different parties, hence, it will be assembled into one PDF file.

We provide other features that can help improve your organization’s workflow efficiency. Once you’re ready to start creating your online form workflow, you can also maximize its capabilities by integrating it to third-party applications, making use of API, or empowering your workflow forms more with our add-ons. PlatoForms is a user-friendly PDF software–thankfully, you don’t need to have technical or coding skills to get started! Achieve maximum workflow efficiency by converting your PDFs to online forms, submit PDF forms online, and more. Get started today.

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