Ditching Zapier? Here Are Five Alternatives You Can Use

Maximize the efficiency of your organization with the help of Zapier and these alternatives.
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When it comes to automating workflows, Zapier will surely come on the top of your head. Letting you create “zaps” to connect applications to one another, it’s not new why Zapier is the leading app in the market until today—it’s convenient, no-brainer, and built with pre-made templates. Everyone who automated workflows probably used Zapier at some point. But as the quote says—change is inevitable, people realized its cons—thus the reason why they started looking for alternatives. Though some second options for Zapier have their cons too, it’s useful to try them and know how they can be different from Zapier in terms of usability.

If you’re on the hunt for the best Zapier alternative, read on to get to know which tools made it into our list of the best alternatives to Zapier.

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Coupler.io Integration tool

Specializing in data integration, project managers and marketers now don’t have to worry about finding a tool that can automate simple tasks and information. Exporting from the biggest data destinations in the market, BigQuery, Google Sheets, and Microsoft Excel users can now fetch data from these apps in less than five minutes. With live dashboards being updated every day, metric calculations now don’t have to include manual input that takes hours.

Why it’s a good Zapier alternative:

Live dashboards: When you use a dashboard that gets automatic updates every day, you don’t have to waste time on this manually every time. Coupler.io is a great tool for users who want their data completely up-to-data across dashboards.

Visualize your data: Organizing doesn’t really sound like a piece of work when seen visually: You get to picture which is which. Coupler.io lets you do everything visually by providing diagrams and tables for that picture-it-in-your head mode.

Share within seconds: Like other platforms, Coupler.io brings a data warehouse that lets you store data and share them with your team in a short amount of time.


Integrately integration tool

If there’s an accurate description of Integrately and how it’s used, it’s probably ‘set it and forget it’. Powered by over 8 million ready-to-use ‘1 click’ automation, you don’t need to be a tech expert to build integrations with Integrately. Another cherry on top? It’s a lot cheaper than other Zapier alternatives—making it ideal for startups.

Why it’s a good Zapier alternative:

Do less: Integrately’s field mapping lets you automatically map corresponding fields across different apps—so you don’t have to do much when integrating.

Pre-made automation: Integrately takes activating integrations in 1 click seriously with their pre-made automation. With this feature, you can finally get rid of complicated automation tools.

Connect with any apps: Whether you’re a marketer, project manager, or just someone who wants to benefit from automation, you can connect your favorite app with Integrately easily. You can connect with various CRMs, marketing apps, survey and form apps, and more.

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Tray integration tool

If you’re a large corporation that needs an advanced automation tool, Tray.io is your go-to integration software. Providing some technology-based services made for ITs like API integration, CSV automation, iPaaS, and webhooks, it’s no wonder why Tray positions itself as “Empowering the world’s problem-solvers”. Tray.io also gives importance to enterprises focused on security, compliance, and customer integrations.

Why it’s a good Zapier alternative:

Universal connector: Cannot see a specific connector that you can connect with Tray.io? Don’t fret, Tray.io provides a universal API that you can configure easily to connect.

Lead-to-account matching: Man, customers hate delayed messages all the time. Get rid of this and automate your lead-to-account matching with Tray.io for accurate matches and automated spreadsheets. This feature powers up sales productivity and of course, more efficient follow-ups to your customers.

Merge marketing metrics: An integration tool that lets you automate for unified marketing metrics? Tray.io now makes this possible by allowing you to create integrated reporting for every campaign that you do. You can also incorporate every kind of metric—including social media, SEO, email marketing, or paid search.

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Automation integration tool

Because there are over 30,000+ organizations that use automate.io, it’s no wonder why it’s been one of the main competitors of Zapier for years. By providing simple one-to-one automation workflows, beginners don’t have to worry about complex integrations anymore. Users can sync data between two apps, add conditional logic, time delay, and even format data to achieve more.

Why it’s a good Zapier alternative:

Comes with 200+ cloud applications: You can use the software’s Webhooks and Rest API to connect with others apps.

For marketers, e-Commerce businesses, and project managers: automate.io integrates with the most popular apps for your marketing, e-Commerce, and project management needs like MailChimp, Notion, and Shopify, to mention a few. The software also includes a lot of CRM choices to allow you to sync customer data.

Automation for repetitive processes: We all know that repetitive processes can be annoying (especially in the long term). You can now automate repetitive methods including email marketing.

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Outfunnel Integration tool

An integration tool for marketers? Yes please! Whether it’s social media data or customer information, marketers can now say goodbye to the manual and focus on what they do best: Sales and leads. Outfunnel promotes itself as a puzzle that completes your marketing needs—with its integration with CRMs. Whether you’re Pipedrive, HubSpot, Salesforce, Copper, or Airtable—you can keep and sync your data from these apps easily with Outfunnel.

Why it’s a good Zapier alternative:

Powerful marketing automation: Sending automated emails for your marketing strategy? You can now get it done with Outfunnel by setting up your campaigns and letting it do the job based on CRM’s data changes. Another good thing is it records email engagement—including clicks, opens, and unsubscribes.

Useful for lead scoring: Because Outfunnel monitors email engagement data, this is a huge factor to consider in calculating the lead score for contacts. You can also record lead scores in your preferred CRM—letting you see them on each customer profile.

Real-time data: Tracking web visitors now comes easy peasy for sales specialists and marketers with Outfunnel. You can now monitor who visits your websites and record this to your CRM for smooth data tracking.


While there are tons of other Zapier alternatives in the market not mentioned in this article, you can always try out which one works the best for your business by obtaining their free trial. Remember that choosing the right automation software must not be all about popularity—it should do what needs to be done: To automate and make things easier for your organization.

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