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How to enable one-time form submission


Can I limit clients to a single submission for registration forms?


Absolutely! You can achieve this using the Invitation panel, ensuring one submission per person. This is ideal for securing forms like registrations or RSVPs. Here’s how:

Enable one-time submission

  1. Hover over the form on the Dashboard.

  2. Click the Settings (gear) icon in the top right corner and select Invitation.

    Click the Invitation button

  3. Configure the invitation in the Invitation panel.

    For detailed instructions, check the Set your invitation section.

  4. After configuring all settings, scroll down and select Form can only be submitted once.

    Enable submit once

    This will expand the redirect link input box.

  5. (Optional) Enter your own website’s link to redirect clients after they complete the form.

    Note: If no link is provided, your clients will be directed to the PlatoForms website.

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