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How to pre-fill the Text fields with initial values


Can I create a “Date of Registration” field that auto-fills with today’s date, saving my customers from entering it manually?


Of course! By utilizing the initial value feature, you can add a field to your form and set it to show today’s date automatically. This means that when respondents open the form, the field already have the current date filled in, making the registration process easier. PlatoForms also offers the following initial value options:

Initial value Types
Initial value types
  • Fixed Value
  • URL Value
  • Today’s Date
  • Current Time
  • Current Date Time
  • Incremental Code
  • Tracking Code
  • IP Address
  • Submission Revision

Set initial value

To set an initial value:

  1. In the form builder, go to the Text field you want to edit, then access the attributes panel. For more detailed steps, check the Set initial value section.

  2. In the attributes panel, select your preferred initial value from the dropdown menu. For further details on each initial value option, check the Available initial values section.

Explore initial value

Find more about initial value here.

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