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How to prepopulate text fields with initial values


I want to create a “Date of Registration” field that shows today’s date by default. This way, it can automatically capture the registration date without participants having to enter it manually. Can I set this up?


Of course! You can include a “Date of Registration” field in your form and set it to automatically show today’s date as its initial value. This means that when participants open the form, the field will already have the current date filled in, making the registration process easier for them. PlatoForms also offers additional initial value options:

Initial value Types
Initial value types
  • Fixed Value
  • URL Value
  • Today’s Date
  • Current Time
  • Current Date Time
  • Incremental Code
  • Tracking Code
  • IP Address
  • Submission Revision

Set initial value

To set an initial value:

  1. In the form builder, click on the field ID of the Text field you wish to edit. For step-by-step guidance, refer to Set initial value.

  2. In the properties panel, select your preferred initial value from the dropdown menu. For further information on each initial value option, check the Available initial values section.

Explore initial value

Find more about initial value here.

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