How To Convert A Scanned PDF To An Editable PDF?

Converting a scanned PDF isn't difficult—learn how with this blog.
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If you have to choose one file format, what is it? Mine’s PDF.

There’s no doubt that most businesses prefer using a PDF format for their file more than the other formats. Who would not love PDFs? When it comes to versatility, they’re number one! They’re accessible regardless of your device, software, or operating system. From your business plans to contracts, you can use a PDF format. Another awesome thing about them is that you can send and share them without sacrificing the quality or ruining the design.

However, there’s one disadvantage with using PDFs. You cannot directly edit them once you save and share them with others. You will need a tool, and you have to make them editable. It’s a great thing that we can now maximize the use of PDFs and make them editable using the right tools. All thanks to technology, you can now convert your PDFs to fillable forms online, fill out PDFs without having to download them, or even convert them into web forms.

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Elements of a good PDF converter tool

Before you convert your scanned PDFs to a fillable document, you must choose the PDF converter tool that’ll suit your needs. Here are the things that you need to consider when choosing the right tool:


The PDF converter tool you’ll use must be easy to navigate. A user-friendly PDF tool helps you save time and energy. Check if you can quickly learn its interface and if their team can provide support to help you quickly know the tool. Choose a PDF tool that uses standard terms for instructions if available.


The simpler the PDF tool is, the better. A simple PDF tool is more accessible and easy to familiarize. If the tool you’ll use has a simple design, it would be easier to understand and use—to almost anyone. With that said, it’ll help you skip the time-consuming task of explaining it to your team and customers.

System and device compatibility

You also have to ensure that the tool you’ll use to convert your PDFs and make them fillable performs well across all devices and browsers. It’ll help you save the cost of acquiring another tool that’ll fit other people’s devices, plus it minimizes the hassle for you, your team, and even customers.

Pro Tip: PlatoForms PDF Form Tool can help you convert your PDFs to editable online form across all operating systems. It’s accessible for both Windows and Mac computers (for Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and other web browsers).

Fast and efficient

Who would not love to use an efficient tool for their process? One of the elements that you shouldn’t compromise when picking the right PDF tool for you is its performance. The tool’s performance will affect your process, mainly regarding productivity and quality. Make sure you choose a PDF tool that loads fast, and that’ll provide exactly what you need.


Do you have a long-term budget for a specific PDF tool? Do the pricing and the benefits match each other? These are what you should think about before you sign up for a PDF tool software. It would be wise to subscribe to a free trial first before subscribing to any PDF tool so you can make sure that you get what you need at the right pricing. Just note that free subscriptions mean limited access to other features.


Integrations can make your process better and faster. It allows you to automatically connect one or more tools to function in a flow. When you integrate your tools, you’ll quickly get rid of tedious tasks. Sounds great, right? Make sure you find it on the PDF tool you’ll use.

Pro Tip: Aside from allowing you to convert your PDFs to online forms, you’ll also love PlatoForms integration. You can integrate it with your applications such as Zapier, Slack, and other Cloud storage for a more streamlined PDF workflow.

How to convert a scanned PDF to a fillable PDF online?

Are you ready to convert your scanned PDF to a fillable PDF online? If so, you can start converting your PDFs using the steps below:

  • Log in to your PlatoForms account.
  • Once you land on the PDF tool’s dashboard, look for the purple Start to Build button and click on it.
  • Three options will pop up and since you already have the scanned PDF, choose to Create Online Form for an Existing PDF.
  • Drop or upload the PDF file that you want to convert into a fillable PDF.
  • Select Build a PDF Online Form.
  • Start editing your form using the PDF editor tool.
  • If you’re already satisfied with your online PDF, go ahead and click Publish.

With the help of the right tool, converting your scanned PDFs to online forms is just a piece of cake!

Convert your PDFs to online forms with PlatoForms

When converting your PDFs to online forms, you can never go wrong with PlatoForms! PlatoForms is a versatile online PDF tool that allows you to upload, edit, build, and make fillable PDF forms online. It doesn’t just provide the tool; it also gives tips on using its features. Convert your PDFs to online forms now. Sign up here.

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