Online Form Hacks: How to Secure Forms With Password

Cybercrime cases are rising, make sure to secure your online forms through these tips.
Sunny Gonzales
Reading time: 2 minutes.

password secured form display in a laptop

According to Statista, the monetary damage caused by cybercrime has been increasing exponentially since 2001. It already reached around $4.2 billion in 2020, and this number does not include damages from unreported cases.

This report clearly shows that as technology arises, so as the number of cybercrime cases. The reason why you need to secure every online process of your organization. If you’re an online form user, one thing that you can do to secure your forms is to set a password for them.

Thankfully, there are online PDF form tools like PlatoForms that allow us to secure forms online. In this blog, we’ll show you how to secure your online forms by using a password.

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How to secure your forms with a password

1.If you already have a PlatoForms account, start by logging in to it. If not, you can create an account here first.

PlatoForms log in page

2.Once logged in, choose the form that you want to secure with a password. Click the gear button, and choose ‘Invitation’ from the dropdown option. In the Invitation window, you can create an email template to send to your users only and invite them to fill out your password-protected form.

Dropdown option to secure forms

Pro Tip: Make sure that your form is published before making any changes for a smoother process.

3.After creating your email, scroll to the bottom of the window and tick the ‘Forms are password protected’ button.

Forms are password protected

4.Don’t forget to hit the Save button and presto, you can now have the peace of mind that your forms are secured and your users’ data are safe from cyber-attacks.

PlatoForms will generate and send the password to your users along with the email.

secured form log in

With PlatoForms Invitation Feature, securing your forms becomes so easy. We hope we helped you create online forms with improved security and protection!

Secure your online PDF forms with PlatoForms

PlatoForms is an online PDF tool that allows you to do many things with your PDF forms. Once your PDF forms are converted to online PDF forms or web forms, you can set invitations, passwords, notifications, and more through this PDF tool. To add, PlatoForms also allows you to create HIPAA-compliant forms that are secured with layers of protection for your users. Try it now. Sign up here.

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