5 Easy Ways to Create Simple Forms

Make simple forms for a higher completion rate using these tips.
Sunny Gonzales
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Zig Ziglar once said, “Simplicity is eloquent.”

When things are simple, they are easier to understand. While complexity is essential, most of us still go for simple things.

Who wouldn’t love it when you can do things quickly because you don’t have to analyze complicated instructions and tools? Especially if you’re a busy person looking to save time and be more productive.

That said, simplicity is proven more powerful and persuasive than complexity.

The same thing goes when you create online pdf forms. The simpler your forms are, the better for you and your users. If your forms are simple, they have a higher chance of completing them. In this blog, we listed five easy ways how to create a simple form for a higher completion rate.

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Five Easy Ways to Create Simple Forms

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Minimize the use of fields

People may get overwhelmed by what they see, so using fewer fields and data as much as possible is necessary.

In fact, Unbounce surveyed a company, showing that their conversion rate increased by 120% after reducing their form fields from 11 to 4. It indicates how the number of fields affects your completion and conversion rate.

To reduce the number of fields in your online form, you can filter your questions and remove the fields you think won’t contribute much to your goals. For example, if you already asked for your user’s email and have no plans to call them, then you can remove the phone number field.

Pro Tip: If you cannot lessen the use of fields on your online form, you can try enabling its autofill function. Through this, your users don’t have to fill each field.

Show and hide fields as necessary

There are instances where you have to put fields and data that your audience doesn’t have to see. You can hide the said fields to make your form simpler for them. Doing this is easy if you have a user-friendly online form creator that allows you to hide fields by ticking a button.

You can usually see this function on the form builder while working on your online form.

Use conditional logic

About showing and hiding certain fields on your form, conditional logic can also help you show fields only when they’re necessary. Let’s say you put a payment option like Paypal or a credit card option on your form. If they choose the credit card option, you can set up a logic where the credit card information section will show up automatically. On the other hand, if they choose Paypal, then your form will stay as it is.

This way, your forms can appear shorter because some fields are only shown when necessary.

Make your forms look progressive

Making your forms progressive means giving your users that feeling of accomplishment after completing a step in a multi-step process. It gives your users a compelling feeling to continue and complete all the other steps of your online form.

If you can’t lessen the use of fields, you can do this instead. Try to divide the fields into different pages to make your online forms progressive in design. Then use a progress bar that allows them to monitor their progress.

Be straightforward

Another thing that can help you make simple PDF forms is using simple words and straightforward instructions that are easier to understand. Specific instructions help the users quickly finish the form since they don’t have to spend much time processing the information they read from your form.

That’s it! Making simple forms is easy, so begin your journey to creating forms with a higher completion rate now.

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