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How to customize cloud drive subfolder names


Can I automatically match storage folder names with submission dates when connecting my form to a cloud drive, without manual typing?


Absolutely! When connecting your form to a cloud drive:

  • You can select a folder in your cloud drive and create a subfolder within it to store your form submissions.

  • You can name this subfolder using “custom fields”, similar to placeholders. When a new subfolder is made, these custom fields will be automatically populated with the right information. No manual naming required.

    Form submission on cloud drive
    Subfolders named by submission dates

Customize subfolder name

To give your subfolder a custom name, follow these steps:

  1. Start by integrating with your cloud drive.

  2. Once your cloud drive account is connected, customize your integration settings. This is where you can set up your storage folder you created in your cloud drive.

  3. Then, create a subfolder and name your subfolder with custom fields.

Where can I use custom fields?

Aside from the Cloud Drive subfolder name, you can also use custom fields for Download PDF Name Pattern and Email Notifications.

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