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Can I create custom and dynamic form email notifications


I’d like to include information such as revision timestamps in the email notification sent with the form. Is this possible?


Absolutely! After publishing a form, you can set up email notifications with personalized content using variables. These variables enable you to include dynamic information like form text, shared PDF links, or uploaded files.

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Access email notification

To customize email notification, you need to open the Notification window. From there, you can customize your form’s notification email. For details, check the Access Notification settings section.

Custom variable for Email Notifications

Insert variables

A “variable” in the email notification is like a placeholder that can change based on what you want. It’s used to show different information depending on the situation. For example, {{form_name}} can display the name of a specific form.

For available variable, refer to Available variables. Choose your preferred variable for your notification email subject and body.

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