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How to reuse fields on PDF


How can I simplify the online order process for customers? I want them to enter their personal info and order details once, and have that data automatically applied to all the products they choose. What’s the best method to do this?


The “reuse” or “logic” feature can help you achieve this. To simplify this process, consider one of the following solutions based on your specific scenario:

  • For online web forms
Scenario Solution
You want to hide a reused field, such as private information, on the online form while keeping it visible on the printed PDF. Reuse content on PDF
You want to have the flexibility to control the visibility of the reused field on the online form. Reuse field with form logic
  • For online PDF forms
Scenario Solution
Reuse fields and control its visibility as required. Reuse field with form logic

In short, choose the method that suits your online form type and display preferences, keeping your specific situation in mind.

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