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How to automate data entry based on another input


Is it possible for the form to automatically fill in certain details when my client enters information into a specific field, such as a “student ID,” and retrieve information from a CSV file uploaded to PlatoForms to populate fields like the student’s name, email, and phone number?


While achieving this functionality might not be immediately obvious, we have a solution to recommend. By utilizing the ‘Upload CSV file to Dropdown field’ feature in conjunction with configuring form logic, you can achieve the desired outcome.

To implement this solution, follow these steps:

  1. Create the required form fields.
  2. Configure the Dropdown field to facilitate the process.
  3. Set up form logic for automation.

Refer to the step-by-step guide below for detailed instructions:

Create the required form fields

  1. Add a Text field for respondents to input the “student ID”.
  2. Add a Dropdown field to display the “email information” associated with the provided “student ID”.

    Note: You can set the Dropdown field to hidden, since it’s only used for data retrieval and should not be visible to respondents.

  3. Add an another Text field that will automatically populate with the email information.
    Add form fields

Note: To add fields, please refer to add form fields. For detailed information about fields, check the Field types section in the User Documentation.

Configure the Dropdown field

  1. Open the properties panel of the Dropdown field.

    Dropdown field properties

  2. Click Upload (Cascading) Dropdown, check Multiple levels cascading dropdown, and then upload a CSV file containing both student IDs and email details (Click countries.csv to download the file for reference).

    Upload CSV file

Note: The CSV file should consist of two columns: Label and Value. Each row must contain a Student ID and its corresponding email.
For multiple Values linked to a single Label (e.g., Name and Address), you should create separate Dropdown fields and upload CSV files for each field. This establishes direct one-to-one connections.

Student email csv file example
CSV file format example

Set up form logic for automation

  1. Back to the form builder and click on the Logic button located in the top toolbar.

    Set form logic button

  2. Set up the following logic as illustrated below:

    Set form logic

    Note: The Copy value action is used to replicate the Value linked to the Label into a different field.


When a respondent inputs a Student ID in the designated field, the Student Email field will then copy the corresponding Value connected to the provided Label. This action will automatically populate the Student Email field with the relevant information.


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