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Can I add two Signature pads when signing a document first and sending it to my client


Can I add two signature pads when signing a document first and sending it to my client?


Absolutely! You can easily include two signature pads, one for yourself and one for your clients, in this scenario.

Two signatuere sample

Here’s how it’s done:

Add multiple signature pads

PlatoForms allows you to add multiple signature pads to your form, each with its own Signature Certificate.

  1. Add two Signature fields to your form: one for your signature and one for your client’s.

    Dropdown field properties

  2. Click on the field ID of both signature fields to open their properties panel.

    Signature field panel

  3. Check the Collected to Signature Certificate option for each field.

    enable signature certificate

Use the pre-filled feature

If you need to sign the form before sending it to your client, the “Pre-filled form” feature is here to help.

  1. After publishing your form, open its Invitation panel.

    Invitation button

  2. Configure the invitation settings.

    For details, refer to Set your invitation.

  3. Once you’ve set up your invitation, click the Pre-fill Form button at the top.

    For details, refer to Pre-filled form.

    Invitation button

  4. In the page that opens:

    Invitation button

    • Draw, type, or upload your signature.
    • Turn on Pre-filled fields are read-only to prevent your client from modifying your signature.
    • Click Save Pre-filled Form.


After signing the form and sending the invitation to your client, when they open the form, they’ll see your signature, and they can fill in their own signature in their designated signature pad.

Display two signature pads

Once your client submits the form, the Signature Certificate will include both your and your client’s signatures, along with each signatory’s identifying information.

Discover signature certificate

You can discover more about signature certificate here.

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