How To Create a Digital Order Form?

What are online businesses without order forms? Build your own with this guide.
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A digital order form is one of the essential tools for e-commerce businesses nowadays. It’s a type of business document used to record buyer-seller transactions, as it usually includes order items and payment terms needed in a transaction. You can also refer to it as a contract between the buyer and the seller that legally binds them throughout the process.

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Let’s suppose you are offering products and services online. In this case, digital order forms will help you collect all of the necessary product or service information that your customers want to acquire from you. Most digital order forms collect all sorts of information from customers, including the type of products or services they want to buy, the payment method, address, and contact number. Business transactions are smoother and more organized. It is more like a life of the buying and selling transaction; it’s the heart of buy-and-sell transactions for, without it, things would be messy throughout the order process.

Benefits of using digital forms for businesses

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Without a doubt, digital order forms are beneficial for online businesses. Still, more than organizing your business process, here are other benefits when you use digital order forms for your business:

Smoother and faster transaction

Digital order forms have a simple interface that makes the buying transaction smoother and faster for buyers and sellers. Within a few clicks, customers can communicate about the product/service they want to acquire, while businesses can quickly identify the exact details of their customer’s orders (color, sizes, and quantity to payment methods that they prefer without any hassle).

Increased sales

Most people are looking for convenience nowadays. They want something that can be done in a blink of an eye, even when buying things. Since digital order forms make the buying process quicker and more convenient, people will order more from your business.

More organized buyer and order information

Since you will be able to collect all of the customers and order information at the same time, saving and organizing them in your database will be much easier. With proper labels and formatting, you will achieve a more organized order information filing.

Increased productivity

Digital order forms can help you quickly grab customer information resulting in your team’s quick response to orders. That also means that you can cater to more demands within a day.

Organized workflow process

Digital order forms also help you avoid errors in delivering client orders by capturing all of the correct information provided by the client at one time. enabling a more streamlined and organized workflow process.

How to create a digital order form?

Don’t know how to create a digital order form yet? Don’t worry we got you! Below are the steps to complete a digital order form:

Consider this list of details to add to your digital order form:

  • Customer’s name
  • Customer’s contact number
  • Address (for delivery)
  • Preferred payment method and othe r payment details
  • List of products or services you offer (Colors, sizes, quantity, etc.)

This list could still change depending on your business and customer needs.

Once you are already sure of what to put on your digital order form, you can then start creating it using the steps below:

  • Log in to your PlatoForms account and go to the online form builder. Navigate through the left column once you land in the dashboard and click the Start to build button.

start to online PDF web form button

  • Choose from the following options:
    • Create Online Form for an Existing PDF

      You can choose this option if you have an existing PDF with your digital order form details.

    • Create PDF Form from Scratch

      On the other hand, if you prefer creating your form from scratch, you can choose this one.

If you choose to create your digital order form using an existing PDF, follow the steps below:

  • Click the Create Online Form for an Existing PDF button.

create online form for an existing PDF

  • Upload your PDF file.

    upload PDF file button

  • Select the type of online form that you want to build:

    • Online Web Form
    • Online PDF Form

Pro Tip: We recommend using the Online Web Form when creating your digital order forms because it works well with mobile devices, is compatible with all types of web browsers, and is quick to load. Online Web Forms are perfect for online stores.

  • After selecting the type of online form you want to create, you can start customizing it using PlatoForms Online PDF Editor. From there, you can add fields, designs, and images to your form with just a simple drag and drop.

On the other hand, if you prefer creating your form from scratch, just click on the Create PDF Form from Scratch button and start customizing your online PDF form. Once you have finished customizing your online form, don’t forget to click Publish.

But before you create your digital order form, it is essential to note that order forms should be informational yet not time-consuming when filled up. Your digital order form should include all the necessary information to complete the buying process. Also, remember that your customers should understand it and navigate it easily.

Different types of digital order forms

online PDF forms from PDF

Single item digital order forms

This digital order form works best for businesses with a single product. A single product means it has no variations or other items sold along with it.

Single item with variations digital order forms

You can also create a single item with variations in digital order forms that allow buyers to pick the same thing that has different sizes, colors, designs, etc.

Multiple products with variations digital order forms

If you have more products to sell, this one will work best for you. Multiple products with variations in digital order forms contain all of the items you will sell. With this type of digital order form, buyers can choose between Item 1,2,3 and more. They can also choose from your available sizes, designs, colors, etc.

What makes a great online form builder?

With all the online form builder choices available in the market, choosing the best one for you would be challenging, so we listed here some pointers for you to note when selecting a PDF online form builder:

  • User-friendly

Any kind of application must have a user-friendly interface for the user’s convenience. A great online form builder should be easy to use and navigate.

  • Customizable

Design and details are essential when creating an online form for your business. A form creator tool that enables users to customize forms can help you establish branding since you can put your desired colors and business logo.

  • Can do more than just turn files and PDFs into online forms

An excellent online form doesn’t only convert files to forms. You should be able to use your online fillable form along with other applications and share them easily with your customers and colleagues. In other words, you should be able to integrate it, embed it, and share it using a link with other people. Your customers should be able to submit the form online, any time and anywhere, for their convenience.

order form by PlatoForms PDF form creator

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Create a digital order form with PlatoForms

If you are looking for an “extra” PDF form builder that can do more than turn your PDFs into online forms, check out PlatoForms. Our software allows you to submit, edit, and create effective order forms online. Start creating a digital order form by signing up here.

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