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Are you on the hunt for a reliable tool to effortlessly craft dynamic and interactive forms — be it for registrations, contracts, or surveys? Your search might lead you to the trusted names of Adobe Acrobat DC and Pro. These tools undoubtedly offer a myriad of features, but, as a newcomer, you might find yourself facing a few hurdles along the way:

Adobe Acrobat

  • Costly: These tools can prove expensive, especially for individuals or smaller businesses.

  • Learning Curve: With a plethora of features, mastering these programs for form creation may take some time.

  • Software Dependency: Form users might need to install software, which can be inconvenient.

  • Limited Teamwork: Relatively limited support for real-time simultaneous editing, version control, communication features, centralized collaboration, and task assignment.

  • Customization Challenges: May pose customization challenges in terms of its interface and user experience.

  • Internet Dependency: Certain features rely on the internet, which could be limiting if you prefer offline work.

Significantly, these tools lack a direct method for hosting and sharing fillable/online forms. To distribute your forms to your customers, you’ll need to upload the saved form to a website or a cloud service, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or a dedicated form hosting platform.

Ready to explore a decidedly more lightweight option for building your online fillable forms?

Why PlatoForms Stands Out as a Superior Choice

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With PlatoForms, there’s no requirement for a costly license or significant storage space on your computer, as it operates as a fully online tool. Furthermore, PlatoForms presents an array of advantages that distinguish it as an exceptional option for crafting fillable forms. Let’s explore in detail what sets PlatoForms apart and why it could be the ideal solution for your form-building requirements.

Create automatically

When working with an existing PDF form, simply upload it to PlatoForms. Our advanced features can swiftly “scan and recognize” your PDF, automatically transforming it into an interactive form while preserving its original appearance. With just one click, convert your PDF into a fillable form. Alternatively, if you prefer a customized approach, manually add fillable form fields like text, dropdowns, and file upload sections directly to the PDF. Explore various form field options to offer your customers an easy and accurate form-filling experience.

Work smartly

Efficiency is key when setting up form fields. Need a field to represent the sum of two others? Utilize the “conditional logic” function for such calculations. Beyond simple sums, explore functionalities like Jump Question, Skip Page, Branch Question, and more. Discover how to craft personalized and flexible forms that precisely align with your unique requirements. Work smartly with our intuitive features, making form creation a seamless and tailored experience.

Share instantly

Share form with url, embed code, or qr code

Share your forms effortlessly using various methods such as URL, Embed Script, or QR code, ensuring accessibility for respondents.

Embeds smoothly

The publish URL is oEmbed compatible, allowing easy embedding into almost any website, including platforms like Canva, with a simple copy-paste URL. For more powerful adaptations, use the Embed Script with HTML or JavaScript knowledge.

Customize easily

Give your published forms a personalized touch with custom URLs and send invitation emails with your custom domain for a branded experience. Elevate aesthetics with custom designs, logos, and one-click ready-made themes for a polished look. Expand your business reach with multi-language support.

Collaborate seamlessly

Collaborate seamlessly

PlatoForms simplifies the entire form management process. Whether you’re handling a single form or multiple projects across different teams, our platform ensures seamless collaboration. Invite team members, switch between teams effortlessly, and manage permissions with precision. This user-friendly approach empowers you to take control of your form-building projects and achieve optimal results.

Integrate effortlessly

Integrate with Slack, Google Drive, Stripe, etc.

With PlatoForms, integration becomes a breeze. Connect seamlessly with some of your favorite third-party applications, including Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Slack, Stripe, and Zapier. This compatibility enhances your workflow, allowing you to integrate your forms with the tools you already use, further streamlining your processes.

Secure consistently

Security is a top priority at PlatoForms.Benefit from robust password protection, ensuring that only authorized users can access your forms. Whether you’re handling sensitive healthcare data or maintaining compliance with data regulations, like meeting HIPPA standards, PlatoForms has you covered. Control the duration of data storage to meet your specific requirements and enjoy the added layer of security provided by HTTPS/SSL encryption.

Communicate globally

Expand your business reach with PlatoForms’ multi-language support. Cater to a diverse audience by creating forms in different languages, ensuring that your forms are accessible and user-friendly for a global clientele.

Improve continuously

Our dynamic development team consistently unveils innovative features, coupled with comprehensive user documentation, helpful FAQs, and engaging video tutorials to seamlessly kickstart your journey. For any inquiries or concerns, our dedicated service team stands ready to assist.

In Conclusion

PlatoForms stands out as a superior solution for creating fillable forms, emphasizing user-friendliness, collaboration, and security. With its seamless collaboration features, versatile integration options, top-notch security protocols, and user-friendly customization tools, PlatoForms empowers you to not only meet but surpass your form creation needs. Make the transition to PlatoForms for a hassle-free and efficient form-building experience—a comprehensive PDF solution that is fast, affordable, and easy for editing, converting, signing PDFs, and more.

Ready to experience the difference? We’re offering a 15-day trial for new users! Take advantage of this opportunity by signing up for PlatoForms today. Revolutionize the way you create fillable forms, and embark on a journey to effortless form management. Your one-stop PDF solution awaits.

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